How To : Sell at Your Local Farmers Market

Are you interested in selling your products at the local Farmers Markets? Many small mom and pop food crafters get started selling their artisan breads, homemade cakes, cookies, pies, biscotti, candy, seasoning mixes or regional barbecue sauces direct to customers who visit lo ...more

News : God's Eye

If you have seen the movie Fast and Furious 7, you know what "God's Eye" is. Well this might spark interest to you. If You Don't Know if you don't know what God's Eye is, basically it's a software that is able to access any phone, camera, microphone, anything that is digital ...more

How To : Convert an RC bike with a brushless motor

Well I've converted one of these rc bikes into a snarling (ha ha) nitro powered machine. I'm now going to convert my other stock model into a brushless monster. This particular bike had a rather bumpy crossing from the USA when I bought it from ebay. It got damaged in it's box ...more

How To : Do cobra footwork in speed skating

The cobra footwork is a straight line footwork speed skating technique. This trick was named after the "Cobra" snake for its snake like movement, or slither across the ice. Skate like a cobra. Fast and furious!

How To : Executive Privilege

In recent light of Obama's assertion of executive privilege over important documents concerning the Fast and Furious operation, here's a brief article concerning this controversial power. Executive privilege is basically someone saying: "No, I will not release this informatio ...more

News : News Clips - June 26

» ‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website. A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down by the Obama campaign’s ‘Truth Team’. » Former Bush Attorney ...more

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