How To : Make a 3D film strip in Photoshop CS4

Photoshop is an amazing piece of software that can be used for so many reasons. Whether it be recreational or for business it has many different helpful tools. This tutorial shows you how to make a cool looking 3D film strip. Enjoy! Digital cameras may have changed the face o ...more

How To : Create a 3D film strip effect with masks in Motion

In Motion, as in Final Cut Pro, masks are an essential special effects tool. In this software guide, you'll learn how to create a film strip effect. Whether you're new to the Apple's popular motion graphics editor/compositing application or simply wish to get better acquainted ...more

How To : Watch the Hobbit

Many people that I know who have gone to see the Hobbit have come back unimpressed or annoyed with the film. I LOVED it. When those non-specific people, cough Loziers cough, gave me their reasons for not liking the movie, I was very annoyed... I considered the demands that the ...more

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