How To : Add Multiple Clocks to the Windows 7 System Tray

Are you ever in another time zone, do you travel to other parts of the world, or are you just too lazy to figure out what time it is in Japan? Well with Windows 7 you can add up to two extra clocks from different time zones in your system tray. This will also work for Vista bu ...more

News : Sonnet 7

A. There/ are/ i/ssues/ that/ are/ just/ o/ccur/ring/ B. Now/ a/ days/ peo/ple/ don’t/ care/ much/ any/more/ A. Peo/ple/ do/ not/ seem/ to/ be/ no/tic/ing/ B. Are/ they/ just/ pre/tend/ing/ to/ be/ so/ poor/ C. It/ is/ just/ be/com/ing/ so/ dan/ger/ous/ D. Why/ won’t/ peo ...more

How To : Make a Mirage of Background Images

This is one of the many great features of Windows 7 and If you don't have windows 7 I would definitely recommend it. This feature allows you to have multiple background images and windows change them to however often you choose. Make A New Folder Go to your pictures library ...more

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