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How To : Melt a Beer Bottle in the Microwave

Melt some glass in your kitchen microwave. BUT WHY?!! Why would anyone want to DO such a thing? This video tutorial will show you how to do this crazy science experiment. You'll need a microwave, a beer bottle, and you'll need a electric start (propane would work also) blow t ...more

How To : Make melting ice letters in Photoshop

Everybody at some point in time wants to or has to make text that looks like ice. So, if you're doing it for fun or for a project, here's a tutorial to show you how to make ice text that is melting.

How To : Do the "melt through" coin and pen magic trick

Learn how to do the "melt through" coin and pen magic trick. This magic trick will make a pen slide right through a coin of your choice without any gimmicks. It's a pretty simple trick for anyone, if you're a fast enough magician. The melt thru is perfect for beginners.

News : Sew No More! Spray on Dress (Better Not Melt...)

Fashion designer Manel Torres has teamed up with scientists at Imperial College London and designers at the Royal College of Art to invent spray-on clothing, an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric-in-a-can. The innovative product (called Fabrican) promises to be useful in th ...more

How To : Melt Styrofoam with nail polish remover

This short video is about melting a styro cup without fire. It's magical. Anyone watching it would wonder what had happened to the Styrofoam cup which was dipped in Acetone, nothing but common nail polish remover. This is a short and cute video and watching this could be fun f ...more

A Beautiful Death : 1,000 Melting Icemen

First, I have to apologize—this is really old news. But when it comes to Nele Azevedo's Minimum Monument project, it's well worth digging into the archives. It's one of the most amazing street art installations I've ever seen. The image above shows an installation displayed b ...more

How To : Melt white chocolate chips for cake decorating

Melting chocolate is the first step in making a delectable chocolate bunny, heart, or other shape of your desire. Chocolate must be melted in order to pour into molds to create these fun shapes, which can be used on their own or to adorn cakes. Take a look at this cake decora ...more

How To : Measure melting points in the chemistry lab

The Interactive Lab Primer (ILP) has been developed as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry Teacher Fellowship Scheme, one of the themes of the Chemistry for Our Future program, and initiative which aims to secure a strong and sustainable future for the chemical sciences in ...more

How To : Measure the melting point in the chemistry lab

Find out how everything in a chemistry lab works, from pipettes to burners to recrystallization to storage. You'll get precise instructions on how to work and perform certain scientific duties in the chem lab, whether it's chemical or just ordinary high school science. Watch ...more

How To : Create the Indiana Jones face melt effect

Welcome to our Indiana Jones special. This week, we've been challenged by Eric Zala, the director of "Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation" to create an awesome face melt effect for cheap! This is probably Indy Mogul's grossest effect yet, so you better not get nauseous or ...more

News : 8mm Film Burning & Melting - Art at its BEST!

Can't help but love that visual, who knows how much longer this possibility will be around.  The film gets jammed in the gate, the intense heat of the bulb begins to melt the celluloid.  This short has amazing sound design and any film lover will dig it.

News : Melt a bottle in your microwave

Some may call this a microwave prank. There won't be much left of the microwave...but what the heck...let's call it science. You need a blow torch to initiate the process of ionic conductivity. Horrible plasma noises will belch from your microwave. Glass will shatter. Wonder ...more

How To : Melt Chocolate in Under 1 Minute Without a Stove

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I rented a bed in a tiny studio. I was too broke to afford my own place, so all I had was a mattress in someone else's apartment. Unfortunately, this person had no interest in cooking, and therefore no kitchen equipment whatsoever. To make ma ...more

How To : Prevent Your Lipstick from Melting

Video: . I'm not sure if anyone has experienced the horror of opening a tube of lipstick only to find it has become liquified. It's quite tragic! In this video I go over several ways to prevent melted lipstick from happening in the first place but also what you can do if it does.

How To : Melt & mold soap

Tired of boring old soap that you get from the store? Learn how to melt and mold soap from our soap expert in this free video clip series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Melt & mold soap. Melt & mold soap - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Melt & mol ...more

News : Sculpt Melted Cassette Tape Puddles Into Skulls

Cool cassette tape art by Atlanta based artist Brian Dettmer. From Design Boom: "...Dettmer was walking down the street he spotted a dead bird and an idea hit him. ‘here was this thing that used to live, its used to fly around and play a vital role, and now it is dead and al ...more

How To : Remove melted candle wax using heat or cold

This video explains two different ways to remove wax from candles left on furniture. Both heat and cold are used to accomplish the removal of wax. Heat generally from a hair dryer will provide enough heat to remelt the wax without damaging wood furniture. Ice or even a pack of ...more

How To : Dip cake pops into candy melts step by step

Don't humiliate your cake pops by letting them stand in their nakedness! Dress them to the nines - plus add some extra flavor kick - by dipping them in candy or chocolate melts. Check out this cake decorating tutorial to learn how to use candy melts step by step. Dipping is a ...more

How To : Make melt and pour Valentine's Day cupcake soaps

Despite appearances, these Valentine's Day cupcake soaps take almost no time to make and are easy to assemble. Craft an entire batch for friends as a Valentine's Day present or gift them to a conversation heart-addicted niece. Either way, these cupcake soaps are irresistably ...more

How To : Melt chocolate with hot water

Melted chocolate has many uses and there are several ways of melting chocolate. In this how to video Chef Paul explains the process of melting chocolate. You can use a simulated double boiler with two bowls or the microwave to temper chocolate.

How To : Make pretty melt and pour jewel toned soap loaves

Breads get made in loaves not because bakers find the shape aesthetically pleasing, but because it saves them lots of time, energy, and effort. You should use this clever breadmaking trick when you create soaps, as well, which can be melted and poured into loaves, each of whi ...more

How To : Melt chocolate in the microwave

In this tutorial, we learn how to melt chocolate in the microwave. When melting chocolate in the microwave the key is to not microwave it for a long time to melt it all at once, or it will end up burning. To do this properly, you will first need to cut up the chocolate and the ...more

How To : Melt chocolate to the proper consistency

Chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate. Unless you're allergic. If you want to melt chocolate, then this video tip is the perfect recipe for melting chocolate, straight from Real Simple. Chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-dipped cookies?perfectly melted chocolate can tak ...more

How To : Make cute shaped multicolored melt and pour soaps

These multicolored heart and square shaped soaps are so cute and pretty you may end up grudgingly giving several to friends before you can try them out yourself! Composed of rainbow hued strips of pastel green, white, red, purple, and yellow, the layered soaps cleanse well in ...more

How To : Make a quick and easy tuna melt with paprika

Original Naked Chef shows you how to make tuna cheese melt with paprika. For this you need bread, cheese, canned tuna, spring onion, mayonnaise, paprika, salt and pepper. First drain the tuna and add it to a bowl and mix it with 2 big spoons full of mayonnaise, spring onions, ...more

How To : Create bloody, slimy melt and pour brain soaps

Take your Halloween celebrations into another realm entirely by making these disgusting bloody brain soaps. Hidden within each brain soap is a gooey slime that'll ooze out after several washings. This is a fun soap sure to please your kids when the wicked holiday rolls around ...more

How To : Melt, mold, and dip chocolate

Chocolate is undeniably a food fit for the gods, with it sumptuously silky texture, bittersweet flavor, and health benefits (not that gods need to worry about getting sick). But chocolate's flavor can be even further enhanced by pairing it with other foodstuffs like strawberr ...more

How To : Make, melt, and pour soap

Making your own soap from scratch combines a little bit of creativity with a little bit of science and a little bit of cooking. Learn how to make, melt, and pour soap in your home.

How To : Create a melted chocolate nail look

Oh, how we love chocolate. Chocolate, in all its godlike perfection, makes everything taste better: crepes, apples, cookies, air. But we don't dig the enormous calorie content of chocolate as much. Which is why we're thrilled about this nail tutorial, which teaches you how to ...more

How To : Make melt and pour Japanese sushi soaps

When it comes to art and design, the Japanese believe in tasteful minimalism. Never is this "tasteful" part so true than with their sushi and sashimi, artfullly arranged in little cubes or cylinders and punctuated with small bursts of radish red, tuna orange, and green spinach ...more

How To : Make a ham, brie, and rasberry jam baguette melt

Just hearing "brie" and "baguette" were enough to get us interested in this delicious summertime recipe, but Food Network host Sandra Lee amps up the classic baguette topped with brie recipe by adding raspberry jam. The idea of the warm, melting brie paired with the sweet and ...more

How To : Get gum and melted crayons out of a dryer

Leaving things in your pocket and sending them through the wash is annoying, but gum and crayons can actually become melted into your dryer and damage future loads. This video will show you how to clean up this mess and keep your laundry looking great.

How To : Make a candy-melted Christmas tree snack

Love candy? Want to make it? Then candy melts, or candy wafers that you can pour into a mold and melt into any shape you desire, are your best and easiest bet for making beautiful confectionary creations. Check out this snack making tutorial to learn how to make a candy-melte ...more

How To : Make soap with the melt and pour method

To make the soap you will need some soap base cut into little bricks so it's easier to melt, a color brick, scent, a knife, a ladle, and some molds. Take some of the soap base blocks and put them in your crock pot. Let it cook for a hour or until it turns into soup. Put in one ...more

How To : Create melt and pour taco-shaped soaps

Who needs to hit up Taco Bell when you can fashion your own Taco Belle? Watch this soapmaking tutorial to learn how to create a melt and pour taco soap. This soap looks just like the real thing and may even tempt you to take a bite from its yummy offerings, so make sure to la ...more

How To : Make soap using the melt and pour technique

In this clip, learn how to make soap from scratch. This method of soap making involves melting and pouring and will produce fine, high quality soaps. Check out this tutorial for a step by step on how to create beautiful, long lasting soaps that your guests will love.

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