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How To : Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers

How to fight multiple attackers with 5 simple Wing Chun techniques that will help survive a attack by a gang of multiple attackers. These are some of the best tactics on how to fight a group of people while staying safe. This video discusses how to control your position in a ...more

News : Can We Hack the Hackers?

Welcome back, my rookie hackers! For some time now, I have been contemplating this issue, can we hack back the hackers? As someone who plays on both sides of the cyber security ping pong match, I've wondered whether I can use my hacking skills in self-defense of my clients. A ...more

How To : Throw the Perfect Punch

Marital arts master Bruce Lee had his famous one-inch punch technique. He knew that putting all of your weight and energy into one inch of movement had far more power than moving your arm one foot. The secret to a perfect punch is not speed or distance, but how much weight yo ...more

News : 'Pilotless' Commercial Ship to Set Sail by 2020

A Norwegian shipping company says it will launch an unmanned container ship within four years, as the shipping industry begins to apply driverless technology to commercial sea transportation. Norway-based Yara International ASA claims the vessel will be the world's first auto ...more

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