How To : Bunny hop on a BMX bike

A bunny hop is the foundation for many BMX bike tricks and it involves getting both wheels of the bike off the ground. Learn how to bunny hop from our BMX biking expert in this extreme sports video tutorial. Take action: pull up on the handle bars, pull back end up with the pe ...more

How To : Ride a ramp with your BMX bicycle

This segment is from the old "Basics" video by Transworld RIDEbmx. Starting with the anatomy of a bike ramp and moving on to dropping in, airing, and lip tricks, this video tutorial covers all aspects of basic ramp riding. So, see how to ride a ramp with your BMX bicycle, from ...more

How To : Install 990 brakes on a BMX bicycle

Dat Nguyen from Epic Ride BMX and Skate Shop in Westminster, California demonstrates how to properly install 990 brakes on a BMX bike. He also give good tips on keeping your brakes working good after you've installed them. Check out this helpful video tutorial to see how to in ...more

How To : Build a BMX bike

This is a 4 part video on how to fully install your BMX bike. This video shows how to install all parts of a BMX bike; forks, stem, headset, handlebars, seat, cranks, bearings, pedals, wheels, chain, and breaks. Once you've got your BMX bike assembled, you can go out there and ...more

How To : Tailwhip on a BMX bicycle

Want to learn how to tailwhip your BMX bike? Well, why don't you let Ben Snowden help you out. Watch as Ben Snowden teaches you how to tailwhip on a BMX bicycle in this video tutorial. To learn how to tail whip on the bike, you don't even have to be on a ramp. One way is by l ...more

News : Could This POSSIBLY Be Street Legal?

Don't get too excited. The answer? It's not. However, this James Bond inspired road rage mod is still prettttty awesome. Colin Furze's scooter can shoot up to 15 foot flames. Furze, a plumber, built it because he was sick of other drivers cutting him off. Via Daily Mail, "Co ...more

How To : Fully take apart a BMX bike

BMX is one of the most coolest sports out there and features some of the most difficult and dangerous tricks out there. So, if the time ever comes where you need to take apart your BMX bike piece-by-piece, you'll know how to do it thanks to this two part tutorial. Enjoy! Part ...more

How To : Footjam nosepick tailwhip on your BMX bicycle

Eddie Cleveland is a master at footjam nosepick tailwhips on a BMX bike, so RIDEbmx got him to teach you how they are done. Just watch this video tutorial to see how to footjam nosepick tailwhip on your BMX bicycle. The first step to learning the footjam nosepick tailwhip on ...more

How To : Do BMX tricks

In this instructional video, our expert will explain and demonstrate a variety of BMX bike tricks. He will focus on quarter pipe and lip tricks, like the Disaster, Tail Tap, and Fufanu, giving step-by-step instructions for each and then performing the trick. You'll also learn ...more

How To : Do a flair on your BMX bike

In this video, learn how to flair on your BMX bike like a pro. A flair is a super cool trick that you will have to practice a lot to get right, but this clip will start you off on the right foot. Follow along as Collin shows you all you need to know about flairing on your BMX.

How To : Disassemble a BMX bike

In this tutorial, we learn how to disassemble a BMX bike. First, remove the bolts around the handles. Set the handlebars aside, then remove the bottom tired from the front out of its place. Next, set your bearing aside with the bolts. After this, remove the wheel from the part ...more

How To : Do a hitchhiker trick on your BMX bike

Check out this video for a step by step tutorial on how to perform the very cool hitchhiker stunt on your BMX bike. In this clip, Rad Dad shows you how to combine a bunch of different tricks into one - the hitchhiker! This is a pretty advanced move so you will need to be famil ...more

How To : Do a flatland BMX move

Flatland is a freestyle BMX bike riding style on smooth, flat surfaces without any ramps or jumps. Learn how to flatland from our BMX biking expert in this extreme sports video tutorial. Take action: feather the brakes, shift your weight, and practice, but remember not to pull ...more

How To : Ride freestyle BMX

Freestyle BMX bike riding includes a variety of styles of extreme BMX tricks. Learn how to freestyle from our BMX biking expert in this extreme sports video tutorial. Take action: spot your landing, gain proper speed for the trick, learn to bunny hop down, and learn to ride fa ...more

How To : Do advanced BMX tricks

In this video series, learn how to do advanced bmx tricks. Garson Fields shows you step-by-step instruction to turn you into an avid BMX rider. He shows you the basic steps of the bunny hop, and he offers ways to spin some variety on this traditional trick. Garson also shows y ...more

How To : Do a BMX manual

In this video series, watch as expert BMX biker Nick Gralike teaches how to do a manual on a BMX bike. Learn how to set up the jump, perform the jump, add style to it, and stay safe. Part 1 of 9 - How to Do a BMX manual. Do a BMX manual - Part 2 of 9. Click through to watch th ...more

How To : Do a BMX back flip

Are you a thrill seeker? Here is a step by step guide on how to do a back flip on a BMX bike. Tell the nurse we say hello! Part 1 of 5 - How to Do a BMX back flip. Do a BMX back flip - Part 2 of 5. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Do a BMX back flip - Par ...more

How To : Do a 360 or 540 hurricane on your BMX bike

Want to do 360° and 540° hurricanes like a pro? This video from Zack Warden presents a complete breakdown of the impressive, crowd-pleasing trick. Want more trick tips? Search WonderHowTo for additional BMX video tutorials much like this one.

How To : Do inverts on a BMX bike with Jamie Bestwick

Want to do inverts hurricanes like a pro? This video from Jamie Bestwick presents a complete breakdown of the impressive, crowd-pleasing trick. Want more trick tips? Search WonderHowTo for additional BMX video tutorials much like this one.

How To : Do a turndown

Watch and learn with step by step instructions and examples of how to do a turndown on your BMX bike.

How To : Do a bunny hop on a BMX bike

Looking to catch some big air on your BMX? Watch this video to learn the three step method to bunny hopping. This isn't a cute and cuddly bunny hop, this is how you get your bike off the ground and up in the air.

How To : Bunnyhop with a BMX bike

The bunnyhop is to BMX biking as the ollie is to skateboarding. It is the most basic means of getting off the ground, and the basis of big airs and most tricks. This video will teach you how to perform one yourself and get your BMX skills off the ground. It may take a while fo ...more

News : Foam Pit Pool Prank

Use one of your foam pits and then fill it up with water, then put some foam in it so it would look normal, after get some one on a BMX bike make them do something stupid!:) They will be so surprised when they get wet

News : some BMX S#@&

Get a pool and fill it with shit and then have dave, try to jump over it with a bmx bike, and rig the bmx bike seat by putting a air bag underneath it, and as soon as he gets to the top of the ramp have wee man stick a steel pole inside the front spokes, and have the airbag go ...more

How To : Perform the X up BMX trick

Follow along with Chris Doyle as he shares his techniques for BMX biking tricks. Watch and learn how to perform an X up and the different variations of an X up (one-handed, seat grab and more!)

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