How To : Get the 'Overkill' achievement in Minecraft

Achievements in Minecraft are a pretty recent addition to the game. A welcome one, if you ask me, as it gives you some decent goals to work towards. This one, 'Overkill', asks you to deal eight hearts worth of damage in a single swipe with your sword. Check out this video for ...more

How To : Get the 'Catch' Achievement in Batman: Arkham City

This is probably the weirdest, most vague achievement in all of Batman: Arkham City. So don't feel bad consulting a guide to find it, I did. In order to get the 'Catch' achievement, you have to play a game of catch with your remote controlled Batarang. To do this, you'll need ...more

How To : Get the 'Chain Reaction' achievement in GTA IV

Geoff walks us through getting the "Chain Reaction" Achievement in GTAIV. GTA or Grand Theft Auto IV is a best-selling game for the XBOX 360 & PS3. You gather achievements for your XBOX Live account to gain points on the network. GTAIV is a game where you essentially drive ar ...more

How to Play Dead Space 2 : Achievement & Trophy Guide

It's currently 2011, but when you fire up your game console, put your hands on the controller and play the new Dead Space 2 video game, you're warped into the future— into the year 2511— just 3 years after the events that took place in the first Dead Space. And it's sure to be ...more

How To : Get the 'Mind Over Matter' Achievement

If you were to read the achievements list for Infinity Blade II, you'd come across a rather peculiar one called 'Mind Over Matter'. To get this one, you have to defeat an enemy without attacking him. Say what? Over on the Epic Games forums, user AzrinRain (Who also captured t ...more

How To : Unlock the Rolled Over achievement in GTA IV

Unlock the Rolled Over Achievement in GTA IV: Achievement Hunter presents this video walkthrough of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Jack takes you through a full walkthrough of the Rolled Over Achievement. In this Achievement Guide for GTA IV, you'll s ...more

How To : Win all of the achievements on Call of Duty 4

Learn how to beat all of the achievement challenges on Call of Duty 4 for the XBox, 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), and PC on veteran difficulty with this video from Part 1 of 7 - How to Win all of the achievements on Call of Duty 4. Part 2 of 7 - How to Win ...more

How To : Get the Manifest Destiny achievement in RDR

Here's another Red Dead Redemption achievement tutorial for all you hunters out there. In this video, you'll have to be able to have access to the North in RDR. Once you do, find the buffalo and shoot as many as you can but let them run off. Then setup camp or fast travel to a ...more

How To : Get the "Insane Blitz" Achievement in StarCraft II

This is a guide on achieving the Insane Blitz Achievement in StarCraft II. This shows the achievement being awarded along with the Very Hard Blitz achievement. Races: Zerg v Zerg [Insane AI] Map: Steppes of War Time: 4 minutes 18 seconds Patch: 1.1.1 Use the first 50 mineral ...more

How To : Get the StarCraft II "Training Day" Achievement

This will show you how to earn the Training Day achievement in StarCraft II on the newest patch, 1.1.2. It's slightly different than before, whereas the Terran Barracks now requires a Supply Depot before it can be built. You can most likely do this faster, as there are a coupl ...more

News : Achievement Unlocked

Progression, isn't it great? It used to be that video games only rewarded you with game scores. The satisfaction was always at the end, and all that mattered was getting there. Nowdays it's more Kerouac-esque,where the journey matters more than the end game. Getting there is ...more

How To : Get the Menu Hero achievement in Deathspank

This tutorial is for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network game Deathspank. It's a game that combines Monkey Island with Diablo. In this achievement tutorial, you'll be finding out how to get the Menu Hero achievement/trophy. It's described as, "Dispense the Good, Vanq ...more

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