How To : Add text to a page in QuarkXPress

In this QuarkXPress video tutorial you will learn how to create a new page, and add a header and some body copy. Learn how to use the text tool to create and edit a block of text and how to hide the guides using keyboard key. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left co ...more

How To : Web Development 02 - Simple Webpage

Hello fellow Null-Byters! In this "tutorial" we will be going basics of HTML. In the next tutorial, we will be going over CSS and then apply JavaScript. What Is HTML? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to structure and is horrible with styling. HTML was c ...more

How To : Get started with MLA in Word

The video demonstrates how to get started with MLA (Modern Language Association documentation format) for an article. One of the first things that is important to understand is how to name your paper, and add a header format that will automatically paginate your paper so that ...more

How To : Scenarios for headers and footers in Word 2007

Adding a header or footer to your document is now much easier with Microsoft Office Word 2007 building blocks. In this tutorial, a Microsoft employee who uses Word himself demystifies the options and shows you exactly how to do it. The instructional video covers some common qu ...more

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