African Violet Planters

How To : Propagate iceplants and african violets

to transfer ice plants, take a Styrofoam cup with holes in bottom and sides for drainage. fill cup with potting soil. place cuttings of ice plants into pot, about 2-3 cuttings per cup. keep moist. for African violets, snap off an entire leaf including the stem. fill a Styrofoa ...more

How To : Make an African violet cocktail

A shot for any occasion… who needs an excuse? A three-layered cocktail consisting of white crème de cacao liqueur, blue curacao, and whisky. Make an African violet cocktail. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Choose an indoor plant

Learn how to choose an indoor plant. You don’t need a green thumb to have houseplants that flourish; you just need to know which ones will thrive in your home. You Will Need * Informed purchases * Hardy varieties Step 1. Consider your schedule Consider your schedule. If yo ...more

How To : Care for African violets

African violets make great household plants. Learn how to grow and care for African violets in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 10 - How to Care for African violets. Care for African violets - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on Care ...more

How To : Propagate African violets

African violets are a beautiful and delicate plant. It is possible to duplicate African violets by propagating them. In this how to video, Danny Lipford talks with Trisha about propagating African Violets.

How To : Make a terrarium

Terrariums are mini indoor gardens that are perfect for people who want to decorate their home or office with houseplants, but don't have a lot of time to care for them. I love them because I can create a desert themed one with cacti and succulents or make a tropical themed on ...more

How To : Propagate house plants using leaf petiole cuttings

Propagation is a great way to get the most out of your house plants, by providing new plants for future use. Here we demonstrate leaf petiole cutting, for use on the likes of Pepperomia and African Violets. Propagate house plants using leaf petiole cuttings. Click through to w ...more

How To : Grow orchids

Although most of us can't grow Mangoes or Avocados or some of the other plants we're looked at, most everyone can grow or enjoy Orchids. Today they're readily available and there are thousands of species and it's believed there are thousands that have yet to be been discovered ...more

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