Alicia Keys

How To : Play "Aint Got You" by Alicia Keys on ukulele

In this how-to video, you will learn how to play the song "Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys on the ukulele. You will need basic knowledge of chords and a tuned ukulele. First, play the chords C7, Bm, Am, and G7. Play this twice before playing G7, Bm, Em, Am, D. Repeat this for th ...more

How To : Get Alicia Keys' AMA fauxhawk hairstyle

Alicia Keys is gorgeous so she'd look good bald and wearing a trash bag. Knowing this, she revels in taking risks on the red carpet and tends to really push the envelope with her fashion, makeup, and hair. Copy the fauxhawk Keys wore to the American Music Awards by watching t ...more

How To : Play "Diary" by Alicia Keys on piano

In this keyboard tutorial, you'll learn how to play Alicia Key's "Diary" on the piano. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate or advanced piano players, players of all skill levels can play along. Watch this tutorial to get started playing "Diary"!

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