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How To : Earn the "Kaboom!" achievement in Fable 3

Later on into the game Fable III, you'll have a chance to purchase the Mourningwood Fort, which comes with a nifty little mortar mini-game that you can play! Yes, it's the same as from the quest, but still, there's an achievement in there as well if you can score 2000 points d ...more

How To : Get the Rolled Over achievement in GTA IV

Here is the "Rolled Over" Achievement. You need a decent vehicle. Then drive to the airport located on the far right of the first island. Jump of the mini ramps until you get five consecutive rolls or flips. When I did the five rolls, it did not give me the achievement until I ...more

Friday Fresh : Master Halo: Reach Achievements & More

Every day of the week, WonderHowTo curators are hard at work, scouring the web for the greatest and most inspiring how-to videos. Every Friday, we'll highlight our favorite finds. Farm achievements in Halo: Reach Can't wait for Halo: Reach to come out next week? We've got an ...more

How To : Get five easy achievements in Red Dead Redemption

If you've barely got your hands on the hit Xbox 360 game, Red Dead Redemption, get ready to saddle up! In this old Western game, you'll be killing bad guys, tying up women, and be on a quest for revenge. But, along the way you can also complete some easy side missions or even ...more

How To : Get all the achievements in Limbo for the Xbox 360

If you're looking to buy a game that doesn't cost too much and offers great looking visuals, then Limbo is for you. This puzzle-platform game is a sidescroller that has you controlling an unnamed boy who is searching for his sister. There's no soundtrack, it's in greyscale, an ...more

How To : Get the 'Jaws' Achievement in Battlefield 3

A quick note before we get to any achievement talk. To get the 'Jaws' achievement in Battlefield 3, you'll need the Back to Karkand DLC. There are two ways to get it, though. Either you payed for it, or you got it for free because you pre-ordered the game. Okay, in order to g ...more

How To : Earn the "Cash Reward" achievement in StarCraft 2

Want to earn the "Cash Reward" in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty? Well, Geoff and Jack show you exactly how to get the "Cash Reward" achievement, with their usual witty commentary. Follow along and earn this reward yourself. All you need to do it watch and learn.

How To : Get the "Lute Hero Tour" achievement in Fable 3

"Lute Hero Tour" is one of the most cheeky achievements / trophies in Fable 3, requiring you to play a level 5 lute at all four lute-playing locations. Watch this video to find out where each of these are and also some tips on blacksmithing and pie-making.

How To : Earn the "Sherlock" achievement in Metro 2033

This Metro 2033 walkthrough teaches you the exact steps needed to earn the "Sherlock" and the "Fugitive" achievement on the Xbox 360. Watch all four videos to see how to unlock these achievements and earn some GS. Each video covers a different station in which you need to find ...more

How To : Get the "Don't be so Mayo" achievement in Skate 3

If you like to collect achievements on the games you play, you may have heard of the "Don't be so Mayo" achievement in Skate 3, if not, the Achievement Hunter shows you how to collect it. To get this achievement you have to pull off the "Miracle Whip" trick by doing a body fli ...more

How To : Get the Wedding Crasher achievement in L4D 2

BOOMER! As you may know, that saying is uttered a lot in the hit Valve game, Left 4 Dead 2. This achievement tutorial focuses on the DLC, The Passing, and requires that you use two controllers to get this achievement. It can be difficult to get, but is totally worth it in the ...more

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