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How To : Apply a Angelina Jolie makeup look

How to apply an Angelina Jolie makeup look; get professional tips and advice on creating various celebrity makeup styles in this free beauty video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Apply a Angelina Jolie makeup look. Apply a Angelina Jolie makeup look - Part 2 of 15. Click through ...more

How To : Create Angelina Jolie makeup

Makeup geek brings you this tutorial on creating celebrity style makeup. Learn how to create the beautiful Angelina Jolie's makeup look, easy at home. Fun celebrity styling tips. This Angelina Jolie look is classic and stunning. Music: "All Along" by Remedy Drive

How To : Get Angelina Jolie's wavy Oscars 2009 hairstyle

The trouble with replicating an Angelina Jolie red carpet look is you never know where to begin, from Jolie's sultry winged cat eyes to perfectly coiffed hair to pale but contoured beestung lips. There's so much to pick from, but it's nice to take style cues from the hot mama ...more

How To : Dye your hair red like Angelina Jolie fast

Want to spice things up a bit in the hair department? If you have naturally dark, medium, or light brown hair then going red may be a fun option to consider. Check out this video to learn how to dye your hair red like Angelina Jolie fast. Part 1 of 2 - How to Dye your hair re ...more

How To : Paint Angelina Jolie with lipstick

Did you wake up this morning and think to yourself, "I really want to paint Angelina Jolie on paper... not with paint, but with lipstick!" Well, as you can see from this tutorial someone's been there and done that. In this fast paced step-by-step on how to paint Angelina Joli ...more

How To : Get Angelina Jolie's sultry "SALT" makeup look

Angelina Jolie is our hero. After all, she is a humanitarian, a loving mother of six, an Oscar-winning actress, and as of yet the only female actress out there who can play a usually male-centric spy role and be an action movie star without any sort of gender bias. Oh yeah, an ...more

How To : Get Angelina Jolie's makeup look from "Wanted"

Angelina Jolie is super hot, and she always looks incredible. If you would like to get the sexy, smokey eye that Angelina has in "Wanted", check out this video. In it, you will learn how to do a hot style that stays put even while you are kicking butt.

How To : Get an Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox sultry makeup look

Megan Fox has been contentious about rumors of her being the next Angelina Jolie since the beginning, but whether or not you believe she's primed to become the world's most famous femme fatale (some may argue that she already is), you have to agree that both she and Angelina h ...more

How To : Create Angelina Jolie's "SALT" cat eye makeup look

Angelina Jolie's action flick "SALT" has been steamrolled at the box office by Christopher Nolan's dream world thriller "Inception," but the picture has many merits that make it deserving of your hard-earned money the next time you hit the movie theater. Other than being the ...more

How To : Create an elegant wavy Angelina Jolie low ponytail

Angelina Jolie could probably style her locks into a day-glo orange fauxhawk on the red carpet and still be the most beautiful and fabulous woman there. In short, she's gorgeous enough that she can keep most of her makeup, hair, and dress choices simple. Get one of Jolie's fa ...more

How To : Get big buxom Angelina Jolie lips naturally

For those of us who aren't blessed with full lips, here's an easy way you can achieve big pouty lips with just a little make-up. This tutorial allows you to get those gorgeous beestung lips naturally...sort of. Well, using natural cosmetics. Josie Maran, a famous supermodel w ...more

News : WATCH THIS INSTEAD - The Tourist

We got to Austin TX last night and got really drunk. But that didn't stop us from watching a really weirdly retarded movie this morning at 9:40 AM...specifically, The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

How To : Practice various hairstyles for long hair

Are you feeling like your long hair is holding you back? Nonsense! Keep things fresh by using that long hair to create hairstyles that range from side ponytails to half-up, half-down hairdos that anyone can achieve at home. Find new ways to style long hair with helpful advice ...more

How To : Keep your hair silky and smooth in humidity

Stylist Robert Steinken has handled the famous hair of such celebrities as Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, and Sandra Bullock, and now he's going to show you how to handle your's. So whether it takes you hours to get your hair straight or you roll out of bed with it, learn the tricks ...more

News : The Tourist (2010)

Here is the movie trailer for the feature film "The Tourist." Is it just me or does Johnny Depp look horrible in this film? He looks so puffy face like he is on steroids or something. Did he gain weight to intentionally look bad or have we seen him so much in costumes that we ...more

How To : Create a Lara Croft inspired French braid look

Lara Croft is a hot, butt kicking superhero and in this tutorial, you will learn how to style your hair like Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider films. This elegant braid is great for anything from a fancy night out to an evening spent running full speed after the bad guys. You ...more

News : Steampunk Lara Croft Cosplay from Tomb Raider

Even most non-video gamers know who Lara Croft is, thanks to Angelina Jolie. The movies were pretty awful, but even I'd go see the next one if it looked like this: The photos are from LJinto. And the character design is from Tess Fowler.

How To : merge Angelina and Brad with Photoshop

Never mind that Angelina and Brad have physically consummated, and produced a real child. Much more fun to bastardize the concept with Photoshop, goatee and all. Wonderhowto embraces the entire delicious longtail of curiosity. >Software>Photoshop. Merge Angelina Jolie and Br ...more

How To : Dress sexy rather than trashy when you go out

Sexiness is all a state of mind, and while some pieces of clothing (perhaps dresses with large cutouts or strategically placed zippers) walk the fine line between sexy and trashy, the difference is that sexy hints at what's underneath while slutty gives it all away. After all ...more

How To : Make the most of your makeup

Oxford Jasmine demonstrates how to make the most of your makeup by using eye shapes. There's no such thing as a perfect eye shape. You can use certain techniques to reduce the appearance of certain features of your eyes. Eyes can be deep set. Jennifer Aniston has deep set eyes ...more

How to Beat Wanted : Weapons of Fate - Act 1 Boss Fight

This is a video walkthrough of Act 1 "SWAT Leader" in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. This includes cheats, glitches and quick play strategies. These are video walkthroughs of tutorials and missions in the action-packed game Wanted: Weapons of Fate for the Xbox 360. Wanted: Weapons ...more

How To : Lose baby weight like a celebrity

Sure, they have personal trainers and chefs to help them shed their postpartum pounds. But here are a few of their other secret weapons. Step 1 Keep hard-boiled eggs in your fridge and eat just the white part whenever you’re hungry. This strategy helped Heidi Klum appear on t ...more

Eyeliner For Dummies : All the FYI You'll Ever Need

Ah, the art of applying eyeliner. Bad habit of going just a weee bit too heavy? Having a hard time keeping your line nice and steady? Is it really supposed to go INSIDE the outer edge of your eye? Jezebel received a flood of woes such as these, and therefore asked their reader ...more

How To : Watch the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Online

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards take place this Sunday, January 16th, 2011 between the hours of 5 and 8 PM PST — that's 8 & 11 PM for those of you on the East Coast (and Somewhere in the Middle for those of you Somewhere in the Middle). Can't make it to the Beverly Hilton ...more

Advice from a Real Hacker : The Top 10 Best Hacker Movies

In recent years, Hollywood has taken a shine to hackers, with hackers appearing in almost every heist or mystery movie now. This can be both good and bad for our profession. As we know, whichever way Hollywood decides to depict our profession is how most people will perceive i ...more


WATCH THIS INSTEAD - Salt Ludicrosity meter: deep in the red. Mike lets you know what ridiculous multiHitler politithriller to watch this weekend instead of the heaving, goofy Salt.

News : Separated at Birth?

The spreading of a strong visual concept occurs quite rapidly. Perhaps as early as this lip classic... can you name the film?

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