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How To : Beat the stuffed animal crane game

Tired of loosing your money on the stuffed animal crane machine? Beat that carnival crane game and get the stuffed animal you want once and for all. Frustration no more! This conning how-to video will show you the physics behind the stuffed animal crane and how you can beat it ...more

How To : Create an Automatic Animal Harvester in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Harvesting items from animals no longer requires wasting precious time chasing after them. During last Saturday's Weekly Workshop, we built a few different kinds of animal harvester ...more

How To : Trap animals

In this how-to video, Andrew Price of Dryad Bushcraft teaches methods of trapping animals in a survival situation. Learn methods of tracking animals as well as the West County trap and wire snare method. Watch this video hunting tutorial and learn how to trap animals like a re ...more

How To : Tie a noose loop knot for trapping animals

This simple noose can be done quickly and is ideal for trapping small game. This video serves as a step by step detailed guide on how to tie it. Shown in two ways, a simple one and a more involved way that makes the rope and noose move more easily. Watch this video hunting tut ...more

How To : Make a pit trap for animals in Minecraft

The animals in Minecraft can either be scarce or very abundant, but a cool way of cutting out the mundane process of searching for them are creating a pit trap. The easiest way to lure them using a path of torches that will lead them into falling into a deep pit that they can' ...more

How To : Make needle felt animals

In this video Corinne Bradd shows Kristy Clark the technique of felting, by matting together the fibres of unspun of wool with a barbed needle to create a dense form that can be shaped.

How To : Make a lady bug balloon animal

Balloon modeling or balloon twisting is the shaping of special modeling balloons into almost any given shape, often a balloon animal. This how-to video gives easy and simple steps to learn balloon twisting in minutes. Watch this video balloon tutorial and learn how to make a l ...more

DIY Plastination : Turning Dead Animals Into Science-Jerky

If you found the world renown Body Worlds exhibition gnarly and perverse, perhaps you'll find this latest parade of plastination a little less so—considering we don't share the same DNA as these specimens of jerky-in-the-name-of-science. The Koerperwelten der Tiere—or Animal B ...more

How To : Survive Deadly Bites and Stings from Wild Animals

As a follow-up to an earlier post on surviving deadly animal attacks in the wild and another one on relieving a jellyfish sting, listed below are things you should do (and shouldn't do) if you are ever bitten or stung by potentially poisonous wild animals. In general, seek pr ...more

How To : Make a talking animals effect using After Effects

A LOT of movies have featured talking animals. Especially now that the technology is readily available to even low-budget filmmakers to make animals appear to be talking very realistically. If you've wanted to make your own talking-animal film, this video is here to help. It w ...more

How To : Say the names of animals in French

Learn the names of many different animals in French. Part 1 of 9 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 2 of 9 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 3 of 9 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 4 of 9 - How to Say the names of animals in F ...more

News : Animal Balloon Font

An app for iPod, iPhone and iPad, "Font Animals" is a balloon animal font that allows you to send customized messages from any of the aforementioned devices. Available on iTunes for $2.49: "With the SHAKE mode, you can shake ANIMAL FONT to create harmonious sound. You can also ...more

How To : Say the names of animals in Arabic

Learn how you can say and write the names of animals in Arabic with this how to video. Watch this language tutorial and you will be able to identify animals in modern standard Arabic in no time.

How To : Survive a Deadly Animal Attack in the Wild

Whether it's a shark in the ocean, a crocodile in the swamp or a swarm of angry bees, trekking through the wilderness always comes with its fair share of perils. To prepare for the worst case scenario, equip yourself with the right knowledge—then the worst that can happen to y ...more

News : Origami X-Ray Skeletons of Endangered Animals

The ancient craft of origami gets an update in Oritsunagumono, where environmentalism meets photoelectricity for the first time. Its name translates into "things folded and connected," and its agenda aims to bring awareness of the environmental impact of pollution to native ma ...more

How To : Build pet steps for your animals with Lowe's

In this tutorial we learn how to build pet steps for your animals with Lowe's. Start out with making the lines for the sides of our steps on a piece of ply wood. Cut these out with a circular saw and then start assembling the steps. Use wood glue, nails and a hammer to do this ...more

How To : Make a Figure 4 Deadfall for trapping wild animals

Mike demonstrates this basic trap: Figure 4 Deadfall. The Figure 4 deadfall is similar to a Paiute Deadfall. Whether you are venturing on a rugged camping trip, or simply want to brush on your outdoor survival skills, this video will come in handy. Learn how to make a figure 4 ...more

How To : Fold polar animal origami with Michael LaFosse

Michael LaFosse, origami artist, created this series of video folding lessons to teach you how to craft a variety of polar animals, using just square pieces of paper. Wildlife from both North and South Poles are represented, and you can even learn how to fold their glacial hab ...more

How To : Make a barn birthday cake & farm animal cupcakes

In this clip from Betty Crocker, learn how to make a perfect treat for your child's birthday or class project. This recipe will make deliciously adorable cupcakes shaped like barnyard animals. This is a great way to teach your little ones about animals and farming as well as a ...more

How To : Create a Paiute Deadfall for trapping animals

Paiute Deadfall is a useful trap that employs sticks, string, and a rock. Whether you are venturing on a rugged camping trip, or simply want to brush on your outdoor survival skills, this video will come in handy. Learn how to create a paiute deadfall when out in the wild.

How To : Origami basic animal tails with dollar bills

In this Orikane / money origami video, we will cover some more basic tails that you can use to create an array of crazy animals, reptiles and fish from koi carp, peacocks, dogs and elephants. Learn the art of Money Origami and start folding dollar bills instantly. Money Origa ...more

How To : Make a killer whale balloon animal

To make this balloon killer whale you will need three long balloon sculpture balloons, two white ones and a black one. Watch and follow along with the demonstrator to see the simple steps for making this balloon killer whale or orca sculpture.

How To : Draw an exotic African okapi animal with Jan Brett

Celebrated and award-winning children's illustrator, Jan Brett, shows how to sketch an okapi, an endangered, African mammal, in this fun demonstrational video. Learn how to draw this beautiful and unusual animal by following Jan's simple instructions that go from making easy s ...more

How To : Make clay animals

Bored with rolling out plain old snakes? Here's a fun way to make a whole menagerie of critters with clay and poster board.

Animal Kingdom (DP : Adam Arkapaw)

Every summer, I pick one or two films I can't wait to see. Some of them are conventional blockbuster choices (Transformers, Star Trek) and others are guaranteed to deliver (Dark Knight, etc.). The obvious choice for this summer is Chris Nolan's new epic "Inception". But if you ...more

How To : Say the names of animals in Japanese

Watch this video to learn how to say the names of common animals such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, and Godzilla in Japanese. The video offers special methods of remembering the name of each animal.

How To : Create a balloon animal lobster

Making balloon animals are fun, but what about balloon crustaceans!? Just as fun if not more fun! Great for kids parties, seafood lovers and more, the balloon lobster is a great project! This project isn't for beginners though, but if you're feeling up to the challenge, check ...more

How To : Say the names of animals in French

Learn how to say the names of different animals in French with this video series Part 1 of 8 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 2 of 8 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 3 of 8 - How to Say the names of animals in French. Part 4 of 8 - How to S ...more

How To : Make the perfect balloon animal swan

Watch this video to learn how to make a swan balloon animal the quick and simple way. Before starting, you need to remember that the key to making the swan correctly is how you construct the neck and the beak. 1. Leave a three or four finger length area of the balloon deflated ...more

How To : Do an animal blubber (fat) glove experiment

In this video, we learn how to do an animal blubber (fat) glove experiment. You will need: a big bowl with ice water in it, 4 plastic bags, thermometers, and some vegetable shortening. To start, you will take the shortening and scoop it into plastic bag and then stick one of y ...more

How To : Paint party animal print nails

In this video she shows you how to paint party animal print nails. She starts out by showing you all that you will need. First a top coat is used on all of the nails. Next she paints each nail in three different colors, and the colors are pink, black, and yellow. She makes sur ...more

How To : Make balloon animals and hats

A big hit at parties! Learn how to twist multiple balloon bubbles and attach them in this free video series on how to make balloon animals. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make balloon animals and hats. Make balloon animals and hats - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on e ...more

How To : Make balloon animals the easy way

Are struggling with how to properly twist your balloon to create that perfect balloon dog? This video shows you the basics on how to make a balloon animal the easy way. With thorough instructions on hand and finger placement, and everything you need to know to make a super awe ...more

How To : Draw cartoon animals

Learn how to draw cartoon and anthropomorphized animals, clothes, objects, word balloons, movement and character setting with expert cartoon drawing tips in this free online art instruction video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Draw cartoon animals. Draw cartoon animals - Part 2 ...more

News : Japanese Scientists Turn Dead Animals Into Art

In what appears to be some kind of hybrid science-art project, Japanese researchers have discovered a method for rendering a dead animal's body completely transparent, in order to dye the skeletal system. Simultaneously creepy and beautiful. Unfortunately, the source website ...more

How To : Twist a monkey balloon animal holding a banana

This be a little challenging for beginner balloon sculptors, but if you have some skills, then twisting this monkey balloon animal should be a cinch! The Balloon Bandit shows you how to twist your balloons into this wonderful and kid-friendly primate. you'll need 6 balloons fo ...more

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