How To : Do the Asher Twist card trick

If you've ever seen the card trick Asher Twist, you've probably wondered how it was done. Well this magician will show you just how to do it, so maybe you can start doing it yourself! This trick requires excellent slight of hand to create a simple yet effective illusion. Check ...more

News : Game Developing is Hard - Rant by Asher Vollmer

Asher Vollmer, of Colaboratory Games, talks about how developing games is hard. He and Sam Farmer have created some interesting looking games: Semi-Automatic, an iPad game Ninja - "A theatrical turn-based combat party game". The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

How To : Say the Jewish bathroom prayer

In this blessing we express our gratitude to HaShem for the fact that our bodies continue to function properly. The Asher Yatzar prayer is over two thousand years old. This video explains how to say this Jewish bathroom prayer.

How To : Choose and care for pearls

Armand Asher helps Martha give her pearls a makeover. Pearls are organic and porous, so they can absorb from their surroundings. Today, Armand Asher joins Martha to talk about types of pearls, give helpful tips on how to care for these gems, and some ways to change the look of ...more

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