Automate Contact Sheets in Indesign

How To : Automate contact sheets in InDesign

This video is a follow-up lesson to Dave Cross' tutorial in Adobe Illustrator Techniques' newsletter. Dave further explains the Automated Contact Sheet function and working with Adobe InDesign's templates and styles. Automate contact sheets in InDesign. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Create InDesign contact sheets from the Bridge

The Bridge has great integration with the other CS2 apps. One of the ways the Bridge integrates is via Bridge scripts. In this video you will see how to use Keywords in the Bridge to easily find your images as well as how to create an InDesign Contact Sheet.

How To : Design a contact sheet in InDesign CS3

Dave Cross demonstrates how to create a contact sheet for your Illustrator artwork using InDesign. Having a good contact sheet is important for any company or artist, especially artists. Learn how to create your own stylized contact sheet in this InDesign and Illustrator tutor ...more

How To : Make smart contact sheets with Photoshop

In this photography tutorial, you learn how to create a contact sheet using Photoshop for your digital photography prints. In order to create this contact sheet, you can open Photoshop, go to File, find the subfolder called "Automate" and then choose to create a contact sheet. ...more

News : 91 Cool New iOS 11 Features You Didn't Know About

Apple's iOS 11 is finally here, and while they showed off several of the new features it brings to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch back at WWDC 2017, they've only just touched the surface of what iOS 11 has to offer. There are a lot of cool new (and sometimes secret) feature ...more

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