How To : Use AV mode & High Speed Sync (flash)

In this tutorial, we learn how to use AV mode & High Speed Sync (flash). First, go to AV mode and change the settings to 2.8. When you do this, your shutter speed will blink at 250. To fix this, hit the lightning bolt with the "h" and change it to the high speed setting. Now, ...more

How To : Use AV mode & high ISO to brighten your images

In this video brought to us by No Mac No Cheese, by Shannon Smith, he teaches you how to use AV mode and a higher ISO to bring more light into your pictures, especially when you are taking pictures indoors. He says you will need to go into the AV mode and raise the number of t ...more

How To : Use a Vivitar flash for a kicker light outdoors

This video instructs the watcher on how to use the flash of a Vivitar to add light to photos taken outside if a little extra light is needed. Turn the camera on AV mode, choose an ISO setting like 100 or 200, then take a reading, either off the sky or an object. Then use the V ...more

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