How To : Lead a double life

Whether you want to juggle two wives or keep you alter ego separate from your day job, here are the precautions you must take. Learn how to lead a double life. You Will Need: * A second name * A daily planner * A second phone line * A P.O. box * A good memory * An escape pla ...more

How To : Use Kundalini yoga mantras

Kundalini yoga focuses on awakening the energy that is found in the base of the spine. Learn how to use mantras for Kundalini yoga in this Kundalini video clip about yoga poses and postures. Take action: mantra is a repetition of words and chant mantras to find higher level of ...more

News : Best Action Movies

ACTION MOVIES The Hunger Games (2012) Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.Dir: Gary Ross With: Jennife ...more

News : Huge Steam Summer Sale!!!

There is a huge steam sale going on for the next week and a half. 33%, 50%, 66%, 95% off most games!! Every day until July 4th they will also have daily deals, where certain games get discounted even more!Currently (thanks to Neogaf for a clean list of titles): THQ Pack @ 50% ...more

How To : Deal with gestational diabetes

Approximately 4 percent of women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Here's how to manage it. You Will Need * A healthy diet * Daily exercise * Blood-sugar monitoring * A postpartum checkup * Good habits Step 1 Know what gestational diabetes is. During ...more

How To : Achieve stronger, more lustrous hair in five steps

Have you ever wanted Pantene commercial hair? You know, those glamorous shampoo and conditioner ads showcasing beautiful women with beautiful hair so devoid of common hair woes like split ends, raggedy texture, and frizz that it almost looks fake? We've always lusted for hair ...more

News : Marble Bee Wake Up

Find a sleeping victim Set up Marbles by Their Bed Wrap the Outside of the Door in Saran Wrap plastic Hang a ball or a crochet club by a string or have someone holding it Feed bees in through a window It should go that the sleeping victim is awakened by the stinging bees. ...more

News : 'Nirvana' Short Film

Charles Bukowski's Nirvana revolves around a young man traveling to an undetermined destination, questioning his purpose in the world. Along the young man's aimless journey, he encounters a moment in time at a charming diner. In just that moment something is awakened inside of ...more

News : A Questionable Position

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out against Russia and China after a meeting in Tunis. The meeting aimed to increase pressure on Syria to stop its bloodshed. Hillary represents the US as an ally for the rebels. Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolu ...more

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