How To : Make Bacon-Infused Bourbon

If bourbon is a man's drink, what better flavor to infuse it with than bacon? The combination tastes just as delicious as it sounds—a smokey, salty aftertaste lingering after each sip of deep, rich bourbon. To infuse bourbon with bacon is simpler than it sounds. All you need ...more

How To : Make Bourbon-Spiked Chili

Meat and bourbon is a delicious marriage—whether it's bacon-infused bourbon or bourbon drenched steaks, or perhaps the most ingenious combination of all: bourbon-spiked chilli. The hint of bourbon is subtle, but it packs just enough punch to set this delicious chili apart in ...more

How To : Make bacon-infused bourbon

Don Lee of PDT may use maple syrup to make his old-fashioned, but we couldn't get past the bacon-infused bourbon that is the base of the drink. Bacon? Bourbon? We're in. Watch Lee prepare the drink himself in this video.

How To : Make smoky and rich bacon-infused Bourbon

Bacon and cocktails. Not the likliest of food and beverage combinations when eaten together, and especially odd when a recipe advocates you MIX THE TWO into one bacon-y alcoholic drink. We know it sounds funky, but the result is delicious, juicy flavor. Now, why would you wa ...more

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