Badminton Racquet

News : The Science of Badminton Pt 1 of 2 (CCTV)

China's CCTV made a short documentary about the sport of badminton. It is a pretty interesting clip to watch where Part 1 talks about the science and evolution of badminton racquet from the 60's onwards.

News : Li Ning racquet

Yonex has been monopolizing the badminton racquet market and still does. New competitors have come and go over the years without much success. Introducing Li Ning, a brand that shows great potential to challenge Yonex. Li Ning is a chinese company started back in 1990 with 4, ...more

News : The Science of Badminton Pt 2 of 2 (CCTV)

Part 2 of this short documentary continues to explain the different designs of racquet to suit different styles of player. For example if you are a backhand player, you should pick a racquet that has a lighter racquet head. The lighter racquet head allows you to swing faster ...more

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