How To : Play A shape barré chords on the guitar

In this guitar lesson from Justin Sandercoe you will learn about A shape major barre chords, how they are formed, and tips for getting the fingers in the right place and all the notes clear. In the second part of the series you will learn about A shape minor, dominant 7th and ...more

How To : Play E shape barré chords on the guitar

In this lesson you will learn about E shape barre chords, how they are formed, and tips for getting the barre strong and all the notes clear. The second video will teach you more about E shape barre chords, hand position and finger tricks and also how to play the minor 7th and ...more

How To : Do a center floor ballet routine

In this video, learn how to take exercises from the barre and take them to the center floor. Ballet dancing incorporates several positions and steps that combine to make interesting choreography. Learn a ballet routine from an expert: Lynda DeChane-Audette is the founding arti ...more

How To : Play Coldplay "The Scientist" on acoustic guitar

Learn to play Colplay's "The Scientist," a great tune that uses an unusual tuning (in 4ths). It uses chords like power chords and barre chords, but they are easier to play. This is great for a beginner trying to stretch into intermediate material. Chords are taught in detail b ...more

How To : Play a B flat chord on the ukulele

This video tutorial will get you started playing B flat barre chords on the ukulele. In it, you'll find a number of tips and techniques for fretting the B flat chord and be advised of common pitfalls. For more information, and to get started playing B flat chords on your own u ...more

How To : Play Jimi Hendrix style rhythm guitar

In this advanced lesson you will learn a few Jimi Hendrix style rhythm guitar tricks that you can use in many situations. This first part shows a trick with the A Shape barré chord. Part 2 will look at E Shape tricks, useful progressions and sounds. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. ...more

How To : Do the splits quickly

The splits require an enormous amount of flexibility - however, with enough practice the splits are possible for anyone. Being able to do the splits quickly requires stretching, both at the barre and on the floor, to lengthen the hamstrings. Practice basic barre and floor stre ...more

How To : Warm up with ballet barre exercises

Warm up your muscles with simple ballet barre exercises including: simple lies, tendus, degages, ronde de jambes, port de bras and frappes. Get a free demonstration and lesson from this ballet and pointe expert: Mikael Monson is an instructor specializing in ballet and pointe ...more

How To : Practice beginning floor, barre, & centre ballet

In this tutorial, we learn how to practice beginning floor, barre, & centre ballet. First, you will need to learn the five basic stands that you will have in ballet. Practice doing each of these until you have them down completely. Pointing and flexing your toes is extremely i ...more

How To : Play "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed on acoustic guitar

If you want to play 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed on acoustic guitar you first need to play an E chord, then go to Am, and repeat this. Now move to a D and crawl up to a G, then play a C and go to F. Move to Dm and play E. When you play the E chord you should play it with your pin ...more

How To : Do ballet barre exercises

A few basic ballet barre exercises include tondues, plies, frappes, degages and pirouette preparations. Learn some of the foundational barre exercises for classical ballet with help from an expert: Lynda DeChane-Audette is the founding artistic director of the South Florida Ba ...more

How To : Do ballet barre routines

Learn an effective ballet routine to practice your ballet. Easy dance routines are those done at the barre in each of the five positions, and they can include plies, grande plies, tondues and releves. In this video, learn how to choreograph a simple dance routine with help fro ...more

News : Florida & Texas Could Become Zika Hotspots in the US

To much of the United States, Zika seems like a tropical disease that causes horrible problems in other countries but is nothing to be worried about stateside. It may make you rethink your beach vacation abroad, but not much more than that. However, if you live in Florida or T ...more

How To : Play movable barre chords on the ukulele

In this ukulele lesson, learn how to play movable barre chord shapes on a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele. With the uke, as with any other instrument, if you want to improve, you'll need to practice. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with free, high-quality ukulele lessons ...more

How To : Play barre chords on the acoustic guitar easily

If you want to learn how to play the guitar then this how to video is the place to start. In this tutorial you will learn how to play barre chords. Barre chords are a very common technique and is one of the basic concepts of guitar playing. With this how to video you can start ...more

How To : Play bar chords on your ukulele

Getting started in ukulele, or guitar, trying to make barre chords can be extremely tough, trying to hold down all those notes and THEN trying to add extra notes, fuggetta bout it right? In this video lesson you will learn how to make barre chords effectively and be able to pl ...more

How To : Play movable barre chords on the ukulele

There's no getting around it: if you want to get good at playing the ukulele or any other instrument, you'll need to practice. Fortunately, the Internet is awash in free, high-quality uke lessons, like this one from YouTube's preeminent tropical tutor, Ukulele Mike. This parti ...more

How To : Play the Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" on guitar

If you want to pay the Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" song on guitar you should first the chords for the verse are D to a B minor, to a G and then to A. That is for the first half of the verse. The second half of the verse starts with a D chord, then goes to D7, then to a G then a ...more

How To : Play jazz chords on the acoustic guitar

This video is a jazz chord progression lesson. In this lesson some of the more basic barre chords are introduced, and we build upon that with a few more types of chord forms. Once you learn the chord forms, they can be played at any fret (in any key) just like the previous bar ...more

How To : Play "Fire" by Kasabian on acoustic guitar

This video is an acoustic guitar lesson from TboneWilson1978. In this video, he teaches you how to play the song "Fire" by Kasabian. Before you begin you will need to tune your 6th string down to an A to perform this song the way he demonstrates it, so your strings should be A ...more

How To : Do a plie ballet position

The plie, many times misspelled as "plea", is commonly used ballet technique and is usually used to warm-up at the barre. When learning how to do a plie, it's important to note the differences between the demi-plie and the grand-plie, which is a deep knee bend taking your body ...more

How To : Play the F chord

So you're getting pretty good now, and if you've been following Justin's progressional tutorials you know your major and minor chords and can strum. Now it's time to learn the dreaded F chord. Don't be alarmed, even though you have to hold down two strings with one finger, it ...more

How To : Use capos and barre chords when playing the guitar

In these guitar lessons on video, learn how to change chord voicings by playing moveable chords, barre chords, and using a capo. These three techniques will help you transcribe the music you have in your head just as you hear it. Part 1 of 17 - How to Use capos and barre chord ...more

How To : Modify major barre chords

Because of its portability, the acoustic guitar can be wonderful songwriting device. However, having a pocket symphony in your head–or pocket, as it were–does you little good if your hands aren't on board. Fortunately, YouTube user Sawlon is here to help you train your head an ...more

How To : Play barre chords on the acoustic guitar

Barre chords are a type of guitar chord where one or more fingers are used to press down multiple strings across the guitar fretboard (like a bar pressing down the strings). Learn how to play barre chords with this help of this guitar tutorial. Watch this how to video and you ...more

How To : Strech using the "cardio barre"

Joanie Greggains shows us some stretching exercises using the "Cardio Barre." This is a great way to start your day or to warm up for a mild to moderate cardio workout. She introduces a portable ballet or cardio barre to use for balance and support. If you do not have a cardio ...more

News : Doctors Are Wrong to Call Zika Mild

Even as health authorities describe the symptoms of Zika infection in the general population as mild, a new surveillance study finds serious side effects are more common, and serious, than previously thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that man ...more

How To : Play solos on the acoustic guitar

This two part series teaches how to improvise playing solos. First we'll review the basic 12 notes of the scale, which we need to know in order to begin working with keys and lead guitar scale patterns. I'll explain how the 12 notes of the scale relate to the guitar fretboard. ...more

How To : Learn and play over 300 barre chords on the guitar

In this two-part tutorial, we learn how to play (and recall) over 300 barre chords on the guitar. It's a lot easier than you'd think! So easy, in fact, that this guitarist's guide can present a complete overview of the process in about twenty-five minutes. For all of the detai ...more

News : Puerto Rico Could Be Downplaying Its Zika Problem

Reports of Zika-related birth defects are coming in at shockingly low rates in Puerto Rico. While that might be something to cheer, one former US government official is saying there could be a nefarious reason for the low numbers. Last July, the Puerto Rico Department of Heal ...more

News : Zika Won't Contaminate US Blood Banks, Say Officials

US blood banks have assured the American public that they have the tools to prevent a Zika contamination, despite the rapid spread of the disease. If a recipient receives a transfusion that is contaminated with the virus, they could become infected. However, thanks to genetic ...more

How To : Play barre chords on the acoustic guitar

In this two part lesson we'll discuss the differences between open chords and barre chords, then introduce the 4 main primary barre chords. I'll give a few tips on how you might position your hand to play the barre chords cleanly, and explain how each barre chord pattern relat ...more

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