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How To : Edit video using Avid XPress Pro HD

Learn how to edit video using Avid Xpress Pro HD. This tutorial covers every stage in the process of creating and editing a project including managing a project bin, capturing and importing video and other files, basic editing techniques (including effects and titles), and how ...more

How To : Edit video using Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD

Learn how to edit video with Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD. This tutorial covers every stage in the process of creating and editing a project including managing a project bin, capturing and importing video and other files, basic editing techniques (including effects and ti ...more

How To : Create and edit basic custom levels in StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2, like it's predecessor before it, has a very robust level editor that allows you, the DIY modder, to create nearly any scenario within the bounds of the Starcraft 2 engine that you could imagine. We have compiled videos on how to do all sorts of fun things with it, ...more

How To : Edit in Avid Liquid

Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions demonstrates how to use different editing techniques in Avid Liquid. Scroll down and click the "watch the video" link. Edit in Avid Liquid. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Edit audio in Avid Liquid 7

Producer/editor Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions demonstrates audio editing, mixing, effects and creating a soundtrack within Avid Liquid 7. Edit audio in Avid Liquid 7. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Undo an edit when mixing in Avid Pro Tools 9

Want to quickly undo an edit in Pro Tools 9? This free video software tutorial from Lynda presents a complete and thorough overview of the process. Whether you're new to Pro Tools or just new to Pro Tools 9, Avid's first native, software-only version of their popular Pro Tools ...more

How To : Use the Panasonic HVX200 with Avid Media Composer

Download the P2 Step-by-Step Reference Guide. With Avid, editing footage captured with the Panasonic HVX200 camera is fast and easy. Avids system uses the same native file format as Panasonic P2 memory cards, so theres no need for any transcode, capture or file conversion pro ...more

How To : Create titles with the Avid Marquee Title Tool

Learn how to create basic titles with the Avid Marquee Title Tool as well as some advanced techniques including creating 3D effects, lighting, and animation. Create titles with the Avid Marquee Title Tool. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Use Avid Xpress Studio

Learn how to use the variety of applications available in he Avid Xpress Studio and Xpress Studio HD suits to author, edit, and output professional quality video projects. Applications covered include Avid 3D, Avid FX, Avid PT LE, and Avid DVD. Use Avid Xpress Studio. Click th ...more

How To : Work with XDCAM media in Avid Xpress Pro

Learn how to work with XDCAM media in Avid Xpress Pro or other Avid video editing software. Learn how to connect a Sony XDCAM to you system, batch import media, and edit it. Work with XDCAM media in Avid Xpress Pro. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Rip 3-D character models from Nintendo 64 games

With paper crafting you can build intricate paper models of your favorite characters, from Jack Sparrow to Nintendo's own Toad. This video tutorial shows you how to rip 3-D characters from your favorite Nintendo 64 games for the purposes of paper crafting. It will take some ed ...more

How To : Use the new features in Avid's Pro Tools 9

Move over Pro Tools LE— Pro Tools 9 is here! One of the most exciting things about Pro Tools 9 is that there's more tracks without having to have a Toolkit. Another great thing is being able to run Pro Tools without having to use Digidesign, M-Audio or any Avid hardware. Also, ...more

How To : Choose what stays in the system tray

Vanessa from Tekzilla Daily gives us a very helpful video guide on how to edit or tweak icons in the system tray on Windows 7. Typing "notification area" in the search box of the Start Menu calls up the Notification Area control panel. This control panel shows the different pr ...more

How To : Do UVmapping with 3D Studio Max

In this tutorial, we learn how to do UVmapping with 3D Studio Max. Open up your image in the software, then go to "unwrap UV". Scroll down to edit and you will be able to see the basic scale. Grab the mass and scale it down, then use your element turn on to select the differen ...more

How To : Use the Path Falloff tool in Modo 201

Go beyond the traditional 3D workflow to an immersive creative experience with the software Modo, created by Luxology. Modo is the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering for Mac and PC. Modo includes 3D sculpting tools, animation and network rendering, and advan ...more

News : Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive which is initially termed as Windows live folders is one of the parts of Microsoft Windows online service. It is a password protected service that allow users to store file and share them with others. Here the windows live id is required to access the use ...more

How To : Edit photos in Google Picasa 2

Picasa 2 is a free image editing software from google. This software tutorial shows you how to use the basics of Picasa 2 for photo shorting, fixing and sharing. Learn how to navigate the interface and use the basic editing controls of Picasa 2. Part 1 of 2 - How to Edit photo ...more

How To : Edit photos with Photoshop CS2

Daniel Kallenberger takes you through this basic Photoshop CS2 tutorial series. The tips in these videos include different tools and filters you can use to edit photos. The series gives a good overview, but by no means covers everything. Part 1 of 22 - How to Edit photos with ...more

How To : Edit and remix with Mixmeister Pro 6

Your software may work differently, but this is the basic concept of how you might start doing your own custom edits. has a lot more information on this subject. Enjoy!

How To : Use non-destructive editing with Camera Raw

This video shows you how to non-destructively edit camera raw, JPEG, or TIFF files using Camera Raw in Photoshop. You learn how to manage basic settings, as well as manage settings for curves, sharpening, HSL, grayscale, and split toning. Check out this video created by Katrin ...more

How To : Annotate with Bamboo in Camtasia

In this tutorial, Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University shows you how to annotate a video using a Bamboo pad and Edit it using Camtasia studio. PART 2: show you how to do basic editing and zooming in Camtasia. PART 3: shows you how to process your Camtasia Video and get ...more

How To : Make a movie & edit in Adobe Premiere Pro

For moviemakers new to the editing process, this video tutorial outlines the steps to using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit movies. The tutorial shows us how to navigate through the various windows containing tools and other applications. The tutorial breaks down different, basic f ...more

How To : Play the keyboard on Reason like Brazilian Girls

In this six minute tutorial the host and keyboard player for the band "Brazilian Girls," Didi Gutman, shows viewers how to play the keyboard in the song titled "Reason." Throughout the video, Didi Gutman shows various methods and techniques that are used for the style of keybo ...more

How To : Connect VB.NET applications to databases

Interested in creating your own dynamic, web-based applications using Visual Basic 2005 Express? In this installment from the Absolute Beginner's Series of Visual Basic/ASP.NET video tutorials, how you can connect your applications to databases. You will learn how to enable yo ...more

How To : Create basic animation in Photoshop CS3 Extended

For video post-production, Photoshop CS3 Extended now includes video-format and layer support to edit video files frame by frame. The resulting video can then be exported to a variety of formats including Flash. In this Photoshop CS3 video tutorial you will learn how to create ...more

How To : Edit digital photos of jewelry

Do you need to take pictures of your jewelry work? Begin basic digital photo editing with Picasa2. Watch this video tutorial to see how to improve the look of your jewelry photos.

How To : Add text and titles when editing video in iMovie

Edit your video footage like a pro with iMovie. This informative video from Vimeo's excellent Video 101 series of tutorials reviews the steps involved in using the software to create basic text overlays in the popular Mac-based non-linear editor.

How To : Track footage and moves in After Effects in Mocha

Learn After Effects: the best digital motion graphics software programs out there. In this video tutorial, see how to track footage and moves in After Effects with Mocha. It's a great tutorial created by Sasa Jokic of Formation Edit. Sasa shows how to track footage and match ...more

How To : Create a Simple Procedural Brick Texture in Maya

This is a guide to making a very simple procedural texture for Maya. As with all procedural textures, the basic texture can be refined and added to. It's a texture! Open up the Hypershade (Window > Rendering Editors > Hypershade). This is where you can edit any textures as w ...more

How To : Create a Twilight text effect in Photoshop

This video is a step-by-step tutorial about Photoshop, in which the creator shows you how to create the text "Twilight" the way it is done in the movie-title. It offers a perfect image of the capabilities of this program and the way it can be used. Even if you're completely ne ...more

How To : Safely Share Files Online

Okay, stop me if you've heard this one. You have a document that you want your co-workers' advice on. You attach said document onto a mass email. The first reply comes back with an edited version of the document. You begin to make changes, but another email comes in, with yet ...more

How To : Create a non-profit Facebook page in 4 minutes

A Facebook page formatted specifically for non-profits can be created in a matter of minutes with this video tutorial from John Haydon. The first step you need to take is to search for any page. In this tutorial, Haydon searches for the page "Facebook Pages/Public Profiles" to ...more

How To : Do basic yo-yo tricks

In this video series, our Yo-Yo expert will get you started on your way to Yo-Yo stardom by demonstrating the basics. He'll show you important things like adjusting your Yo-Yo string to fit your height, and how to hold your Yo-Yo. Our expert will also demonstrate some basic tr ...more

How To : Do advanced BMX tricks

In this video series, learn how to do advanced bmx tricks. Garson Fields shows you step-by-step instruction to turn you into an avid BMX rider. He shows you the basic steps of the bunny hop, and he offers ways to spin some variety on this traditional trick. Garson also shows y ...more

How To : Do sequencing on Korg Triton keyboards

Now that you know the power of the music, in this free video series, learn how to sequence your own beats on a Korg Triton Studio keyboard. Our synth expert, RT Ouk, will explain the basic sequencing process in detail, including how to use the function tabs on the keyboard (pr ...more

How To : Use Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is a program to edit video and photos. It is a basic PC program. Mike Purdy has been using Paint Shop Pro 7 as his primary editor for still images for over 7 years. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use Paint Shop Pro. Use Paint Shop Pro - Part 2 of 15. Click through to wat ...more

Review : My 6 Months Using the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was released in stores on November 11, 2015, and a couple days later I went to an Apple Store and to check it out in person. I had mixed feelings about the tablet, but was intrigued overall—so much so that over the next few weeks, as I found myself heari ...more

News : The 5 Best Free Camera Apps for Android

Practically every smartphone comes with a built-in camera app, but these apps are generally created by the device's manufacturer. And let's face it, manufacturers are hardware companies first and foremost, so they don't always produce the best software. Luckily, though, Andro ...more

How To : Record Your Mac's Screen for Free Using QuickTime

When a friend asks me what screen recording software is best to use, I always say the same thing—you don't need any! Even though it's been around since 2009, many Mac owners do not realize that they have a powerful screen recording software built right into OS X. You can reco ...more

How To : 3 Free Alternatives to Apple's iPhoto

Firstly, I'd like to say that I have nothing against iPhoto; it's a great application that works wonderfully in Mac OS X. Unfortunately, when you no longer have iPhoto on your MacBook—and you don't want to pay for it—looking for an alternative is a necessary endeavor. I could ...more

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