Basic Words in Hindi

How To : Use basic words in Hindi

In this video, we learn how to use basic words in Hindi. The easiest way to learn the basic words is to hear them and see them at the same time. When you are saying "I" you will say "main" in Hindi. When you want to say "I have" you will say "mere paas hai". Try saying each of ...more

How To : Use basic Hindi vocabulary

This is the seventh part of my video series on learning Hindi. We come now to basic vocabulary, such as countries, languages and animals. Pronunciation and gender (masc or fem) is stressed and is in IPA. Part 1 of 3 - How to Use basic Hindi vocabulary. Part 2 of 3 - How to Us ...more

How To : Learn a few basic words and phrases in Tagalog

Planning a trip to the Philippines? You'll want to pick up a little Tagalog before you go! This tutorial is perfect for a beginner to the language. Learn how to say a few basic words, greetings and phrases in Tagalog. Learn a few basic words and phrases in Tagalog. Click throu ...more

How To : Say basic words in Klingon

BoboWabatabe teaches how to say some basic words in Klingon. You can learn to say a few basic words like yes, no, and success in the Klingon language. Hear the words and look at the pronunciation and soon you'll have a few words in your Klingon vocabulary. The video doesn't bo ...more

How To : Pronounce basic words and phrases in Thai

Check out this Thai language tutorial that that introduces you to the Thai language. Learn all the basic words and phrases, like "Hello" and "How are you doing?" This lesson includes useful phrases and words for traveling in Thailand. Make sure you know these and enjoy the Tha ...more

How To : Pronounce basic vocabulary words in biblical Greek

In this how to video, you will learn how to pronounce and memorize your first biblical Greek (Koine) vocabulary words. This is a perfect lesson for those who wish to study this ancient language. Listen and repeat the words in this language tutorial and you will be speaking bib ...more

How To : Have a basic conversation in Hindi

This is the sixth part of my video series on learning Hindi. We come now to basic conversations, such as those while socializing. Pronunciation is stressed and is in IPA, and some exceptions to pronunciations are noted.

How To : Play bossa nova guitar

This video lesson covers a basic bossa nova rhythm pattern for the guitar player interested in learning Brazilian music. The lesson is aimed to an intermediate guitar player. In other words, you should be confortable with basic chords, strumming and fingerstyle techniques. F ...more

How To : Make the AH sound in American English

The ah sound. The jaw drops more on this sound than it does on any other vowel sound. Ah, ah. And as you can see, the tongue is laying there on the bottom of the mouth. Ah. So, the jaw drops here, make the sound, ah: pretty basic, simple, and straightforward. Ah. Sample words: ...more

How To : Learn the basic spelling rules of English language

English can be difficult because few words are spelled phonetically, and every rule has exceptions. But you can become a champ in no time by memorizing a few basic rules. You Will Need: memorization skills. Remember that the letter “I” comes before “E” except after “C” or whe ...more

How To : Do a basic finger tutting and digitz dance combo

Finger tutting and digitz are related, but as different as two dance styles that both have words that mean finger in their name can be. This video will show you how to do a sick, fairly basic dance combo that integrates aspects of tutting, finger tutting, and digitz into a sic ...more

How To : Dominate the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

First off, don't be frustrated. YOU CAN DO IT! Contrary to the message in the image above, it's NOT over. It's just beginning. And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I've read quite a few books and ...more

How To : Play a Halloween computer prank

Play a spooky prank that preys on the most basic fear that one day haunted computers will rise up and destroy us all. Step 1: Learn about AutoCorrect Familiarize yourself with Word’s AutoCorrect feature. The program automatically fixes frequently misspelled words. You can eas ...more

How To : Count in Italian

Check out this instructional language video to learn how to count in Italian. This lesson covers the basic numbers 1 through 10 and a few basic words and phrases. Watch this tutorial Italian video and start showing off your Italian skills! This is a perfect way for beginners t ...more

How To : Say food and drinks in Russian

Check out this Russian language tutorial video that covers the vocabulary for food and drinks in Russian. Learn how to say rice, coffee, corn, water, fish, and carbonated drinks. Practice your Russian language skills with Rusky Ed as he covers the basic words for food and drin ...more

How To : Say fruits and vegetables in Russian

Check out this Russian language tutorial video that covers the vocabulary for fruits and vegetables in Russian. Learn how to say pear, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, and grapes. Practice your Russian language skills with Rusky Ed as he covers the basic words for fr ...more

How To : Say food items in Russian

Check out this Russian language tutorial video that covers the vocabulary for food items in Russian. Learn how to say juice, salt, sugar, meat, pancake, and vinegar as well as a few phrases including "Povtorite pozhaluysta" and "Konechno." Practice your Russian language skills ...more

How To : Say family members in Russian

Check out this Russian language tutorial video that covers the vocabulary for family members in Russian. Learn how to say mother, father, brother, sister, son, and daughter as well as a few phrases including "Von tam" and "Vot tot." Practice your Russian language skills with R ...more

Say basic phrases in Polish : "excuse me", "yes" & "no"

Before you go to Poland on the vacation of a lifetime, you should first learn some basic words & phrases, like "yes", "no", and "excuse me". In this video, learn those phrases and the correct pronunciation for each. Ever wanted to learn Polish? Or are you planning a trip to P ...more

How To : Write the letters of the Arabic alphabet

This two part how to video series will cover the written Arabic language and then speech. This first lesson contains the basic isolated consonant forms. The second lesson will teach how to write basic words and how the isolated consonants change shape depending on where they a ...more

How To : Talk about shapes in Italian

Another Italian language video that teaches some of the other basic words in the language. The knowledge of shapes too is essential when conversing in any language. The words shown in the video are very commonly used. The presenter in this video, simply takes the shape in his ...more

How To : Talk about things in a kitchen in Italian

In this video, we learn how to talk about things in a kitchen in Italian. Learning Italian around the kitchen can be easy, you just need to make sure you say the words our right. Sugar in Italian is "zucchero", coffee maker is "caffetiera", cup is "tazza", and plate is "piatto ...more

How To : Play The Card Game "Jack Thief"

If you have ever wondered how to teach kids to play cards then this is the game to start with. This is the best game to teach your kids and educate them about playing cards. The words "Jack Thief" are derived from the Hindi words "Gulaam Chor" as the game is called in Hindi w ...more

How To : Understand propositional logic

In this video the author talks about the basic concepts in propositional logic, explaining how important this concept is to understanding the basic concept of logic. He says that propositional logic is also called "sentential logic" or "statement logic". He states that a propo ...more

How To : Say body parts, numbers, & colors in Hindi

Learn Hindi and speak some of the body parts, colors and numbers. So if you say head it will be "sir" in Hindi, Forehead is "matha", cheek is "gaal", tooth is "daant", lip is "honth", mouth is "muh" (you will not hear h clearly in the word "muh" in Hindi, you will only hear l ...more

How To : Say "I speak" or "he/she speaks" & more in Hindi

Learn how to frame sentences with our vocabulary knowledge in Hindi. So if you want to say "to speak" in Hindi, it'll be "bolna". If you want to say "I speak" in Hindi, it'll be "main bolta hun", just replace the "na" with "ta". If you want to say "he speaks" in Hindi, it'll b ...more

How To : Say "drink" in Polish

This video will teach you basic and useful words in Polish. The video sets out the word used for 'drink' in the Polish language. The word in Polish is 'napoj'. To learn the word listen to it and repeat it a number of times. This will help you to memorize it. Spell it out as na ...more

How To : Say dating and relationship related words in Thai

Check out this Thai language tutorial that teaches you how to say some basic dating and relationship related words and phrases. Get to know good girls or say something sweet to your partner. This lesson includes useful phrases and words for traveling in Thailand. Make sure you ...more

How To : Use legal vocabulary in English

In this epsiode of Video Vocab we're going to look at basic vocabulary related to the law. This is the first in a three-part series: part 1 covers basic legal terms, part 2 will look at words related to a court case and part 3 will look at the vocabulary related to commercial ...more

How To : Pronounce phrasal verbs in English

This instructional video provides insight into the English language to teach people who are learning to speak English how to pronounce phrasal verbs. A phrasal verb is a verb + a particle, such as "drive up", "end up", and "drive back". The video shows viewers how these phrasa ...more

How To : Talk about things at a park in Italian

In this video from ItalianLessons101 we learn some words that are useful while at a park in Italian. A disclaimer before the video states that this video is designed to teach non Italian speakers some basic phrases. Here are the words that are learned in this lesson: Things A ...more

How To : Pronounce basic greetings in Spanish

Check out this Spanish language tutorial video that shows you some basic conversational phrases in Spanish. This instructional language video teaches you how to say and pronounce some basic greetings in Spanish. Learn the correct grammar for these words and phrases and improve ...more

How To : Count from 1 to 10 in Vietnamese

In this tutorial we learn how to say number 1 to 10 in Vietnamese. When you learn how to say this, make sure you have the accent down right or understand how to read the language. M™t = One, Hai = Two, Ba = Three, Bon = Four, Nam = Five, Sau = Six, Bay = Seven, Tam = Eight, Ch ...more

How To : Say "I love you" in Russian

In this video, we learn how to say "I love you" in Russian. If you want to learn how to say this correctly, you will need to make sure that you have the accent down correctly. Listen to the audio in the video so you can get an idea of how your voice is supposed to hand. If you ...more

How To : Learn computer vocabulary in Arabic

Learn Arabic words using the Learn Arabic with Pictures series from Beautiful images clearly show Arabic vocabulary divided into units by topic. Each word is introduced in English and Arabic. It's a great way to study new vocabulary words that will build up y ...more

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : LEVOGYRE

LEVOGYRE 65 points (15 points without the bingo) Definition: turning toward the left [adj] The basic meaning of levogyre above is correct, since it comes from the Latin words laevus (left) and gyrare (rotate), but it's more common in organic chemistry, referring to a compoun ...more

News : Mathematical Quilting

I got hooked on origami sometime after Math Craft admin Cory Poole posted instructions for creating modular origami, but I had to take a break to finish a quilt I've been working on for a while now. It's my first quilt, and very simple in its construction (straight up squares, ...more

How To : Say basic phrases for booking a hotel in Polish

If you're booking a trip to Poland, you'll need to reserve a hotel room. This tutorial goes over several questions and phrases you'll want to ask when you book your room, such as pricing, meal availability and directions. This video teaches you how to spell as well as pronounc ...more

How To : Accept the lord Jesus Christ as your savior

This is the basic prayer that should be meant from your heart and soul, and not just saying the words from your physical tongue. A true redeeming confession to the lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to come into your heart as your personal lord and savior, asking Him to forgive you ...more

How To : Make mistakes in English

Let's face it...We all do it! Learn English with Mr. Duncan as he provides basic grammar instruction and speaks in basic English phrases. Check out this English language tutorial to learn how to make mistakes using English words and phrases. This language lesson is perfect for ...more

How To : Make an appointment in Polish

In this video, we learn how to make an appointment in Polish. When you are learning these different phrases, make sure you have your audio turned up so you can hear how the speaker is saying the words. These may not be said how you think they are in your head. Make sure to get ...more

How To : Conjugate common verbs in German

Conjugating nouns in German depends not only on tense, but also on the relationship between the subject and the object. This lesson provides a basic introduction to the methods of conjugating regular verbs in German. You are also given a short vocabulary list of food-related w ...more

How To : Solve an equation using the point slope form

In this video the instructor shows how to derive a general equation for a line in Point-Slope form. The slope of an equation is the ratio of difference of y coordinates to the difference of x coordinates. In other words, slope is the change of y up on change of x. So you have ...more

How To : Score Big with Simple 2-Letter Words in Scrabble

No matter what word game you're playing, whether it's Scrabble or one of its near-homogeneous counterparts like Lexulous, Wordfeud or Words with Friends, one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your opponent is knowing all of the legal two-letter words you can play. You're n ...more

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