How To : Do a basic swing dance lindy hop step

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to swing dance Lindy Hop. Users will learn 3 steps the basic step, the send out and the swing out. Begin with a comfortable V position with the partner. The male's hand should be on the female's upper back and the female's hand on the ...more

How To : Practice basic swing dance patterns

In this how to video, you will learn the basic steps of swing dance. Men start with left foot, ladies start with right foot. Watch this dance tutorial and you will be able to perform series of basic East Coast and West Coast swing patterns.

How To : Do swing dance moves for beginners

This tutorial teaches you how to do basic swing dance moves for beginners. These moves are the building blocks for more advanced swing dance routines. Learn how to do a basic step in closed position, a tuck turn, send-ins and send-outs as well as many other moves with this how ...more

How To : Do beginning Lindy Hop swing dance moves

This how to video teaches you the beginning steps of the most popular, basic swing dance, the Lindy Hop. Learn how to do the 6 count basic step, a send out, the basic step in open position, a tuck turn, send in and an inside turn, as well as many other moves, with this dance t ...more

How To : Do Lindy swing dance steps

This six part how to video teaches you the basic swing dance steps for the Lindy. Learn the swingout from closed position and open position as well as the Lindy circle with this tutorial. Watch this video and you will be swing dancing in no time. Part 1 of 6 - How to Do Lindy ...more

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