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Samsung Galaxy S5 : How to Set Power Saving Mode

This video will show you how to set power saving mode in Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Power saving mode will save or extend your battery life. So power saving mode will prevent unnecessary data usage. This mode will reduce screen brightness or turning off vibration and that will s ...more

How To : Flick Open the Camera App on Your Samsung Galaxy S5

The Moto X introduced tons of cool features that have slowly been ported over to other phones, like Peek notifications and always listening "OK, Google" detection. Another such feature allows you to twist your wrist to bring up the camera app from any screen—even with the disp ...more

News : Just How Unbreakable Is the New Samsung Galaxy S5?

You've been there. Those precarious few seconds between dropping your expensive smartphone right on its face and reaching down to survey the damage. Or maybe you got thrown in a pool while your device was in your pocket, or you dropped that sucker right into the toilet bowl. H ...more

News : Specs Leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As we approach Samsung's unveiling of the next device in the Galaxy Note series—usually in early Fall—SamMobile has provided some exclusive information of the specs of the next phablet flagship. The Note 4 will be one of the first smartphones to ship with Qualcomm's Snapdrago ...more

How To : Monitor Your Kid's App Usage on Android

As a parent, navigating smartphone usage with your children can be a perilous journey as you hand them that new device they've always wanted, or even your older hand-me-down phone or tablet. Smartphones offer a lot of opportunity and convenience, but not without potential ris ...more

How To : Replace Your Galaxy S5 Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S5 display can be replaced by most do-it-yourselfers with some basic mechanical skills and a few inexpensive tools. The good news is that once you replace your display assembly your screen will be good as new with no bubbles or dust on the inside. The replac ...more

How To : Theme the Navigation & Status Bars on Your Nexus 5

Over the course of covering the Nexus 5 for the last 6 months, I've come to realize that almost every hack out there will work for this device. I also cover the Galaxy S5, and let me tell you—hardly any of the cool mods I come across work for that phone. In this regard, we are ...more

How To : 10 Hidden LG G3 Features You Need to Know About

The new LG G3 is the latest Android flagship-level device to be released this year, and it's ready to give the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and the OnePlus One a run for their money. Sporting a gorgeous 5.5-inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM, and a huge 300mAH battery, the device looks gr ...more

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