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How To : Earn the 'Bullseye' achievement in Battlefield 3

The 'Bullseye' achievement is likely the hardest co-op achievement available to players of Battlefield 3. You will need to land several sniper headshots in order to unlock it. This guide will take you through the path you need to use to land all of the snipes you need.

How To : Earn the 'Roadkill' achievement in Battlefield 3

If you're headed through Uprising, the second mission in Battlefield 3, be sure to unlock the super quick 'Roadkill' achievement along the way. In fact, this Achievement Hunter video will show you exactly how to get 'Roadkill' in less than a minute by kicking a car and killing ...more

How To : Get the 'Jaws' Achievement in Battlefield 3

A quick note before we get to any achievement talk. To get the 'Jaws' achievement in Battlefield 3, you'll need the Back to Karkand DLC. There are two ways to get it, though. Either you payed for it, or you got it for free because you pre-ordered the game. Okay, in order to g ...more

How To : Get the 'Third Tour' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Here's another Back to Karkand achievement guide for Battlefield 3. This one is for 'Third Tour', which requires you to get a kill using only the BTR-90, DPV, and F-35. Oh, these are all vehicles by the way, so you know this is going to be a fun one. Boot up any Back to Karka ...more

How To : Get the 'Like a Boss' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Here's another Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand achievement for you. Remember, only try this if you have the Back to Karkand DLC, otherwise you won't have access to the maps required. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's talk achievements. In order to get 'Like a Bos ...more

How To : Get the 'Twofor' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Here's an easy one for you Battlefield 3 fans out there. This is the achievement 'Twofor', and it's the easiest 15G, or bronze trophy you could ever get. Load up the level Night Shift, and you'll see two guards standing right next to each other. All you need to do is take them ...more

How To : Get the 'Butterfly' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Trying to get all the achievements in Battlefield 3's single player campaign? You'll go nowhere without this handy guide to getting the poorly named 'Butterfly' achievement. Basically, you have to shoot down a plane on your first attempt with a Stinger missile on the level "Ro ...more

How To : Get the 'Scrap Metal' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Here's a tougher achievement for you guys to get in Battlefield 3. In the level "Thunder Run", you take control of a big friggin' tank. Use it to take down six enemy tanks before you reach the fort, and you'll get 25G on Xbox 360, or a bronze trophy on PlayStation 3. Check ou ...more

How To : Get the 'Bullseye' Achievement in Battlefield 3

If you're crafty with a sniper rifle, this achievement is for you. In order to get 'Bullseye', you have to take out all of the bad guys in the level "Drop 'em Like Liquid" without alerting anyone to your presence. Good luck with that, by the way. If you manage to pull this off ...more

How To : Find the 'Sandcastle' easter egg in Battlefield 3

There's a pretty awesome easter egg hidden in Battlefield 3 involving sandcastles. This Achievement Hunter guide will show you exactly where to find the easter egg, and give you a little bit of context on what it is if you haven't played previous Battlefield games.

How To : Play Your Kit in Battlefield Bad Company 2

Are you having problems because the game was released a long time ago and the more experienced players are better than you? Then you should be very excited to find out that I will be giving you some general tips & tricks about the different classes that I have learned the hard ...more

News : Achievement Unlocked

Progression, isn't it great? It used to be that video games only rewarded you with game scores. The satisfaction was always at the end, and all that mattered was getting there. Nowdays it's more Kerouac-esque,where the journey matters more than the end game. Getting there is ...more

How To : Hack When Penguins Attack - TD with CE (09/27/09)

When Penguins Attack - TD hacks, cheats, glitches. How to hack the flash game When Penguins Attack - TD. Defend the human race against the onslaught of evil penguins. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack When Penguins Attack - TD with Cheat Engine (09/27/09). Descri ...more

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