How To : Beatbox like a pro

This guys tutorial is fantastic and he's pretty good at beatboxing. He gives you tips on how your hand should be against your mouth.

How To : BeatBox the crab & record scratching technique

This beatboxing tutorial shows you how to use your hand and breathing techniques to produce a record scratching illusion. This is known as the crab scratch or record scratch technique. It's extremely easy to do, but it's one of the noises that awes spectators. Practice and imp ...more

How To : Hum While Beatboxing

Humming while beatboxing is one of the most important techniques to pick up if you're planning to cover popular songs. It's also a key element for singing and beatboxing, but that's for another tutorial. Here, I'll teach you how to hum while beatboxing by explaining exactly ho ...more

How To : Beatbox Tutorial - The Basics

This video teaches the bare basic sounds and gives you some beats to practice. Online metronome - To make the sounds Kick drum -- Make a "buh" sound. It's like saying "boo" without the "oo". Build up pressure behind your lips to make it loude ...more

HowTo : Make Google Translate Beatbox

A clever redditor named harrichr recently discovered a simple method for making Google Translate generate beatbox sounds. Here's how you do it: 1) Go to Google Translate 2) Set the translator to translate German to German 3) Copy + paste the following into the translate bo ...more

News : World Renown Beatbox-Flute Subway Busker

Beatboxing flutist, Greg Pattillo, burst onto the YouTube scene circa 2007, racking up over 20 million views for his performance videos. Patillo has garnered world recognition for his skills, as well as attention from the New York Times: "Greg Pattillo may be the best person ...more

How To : Make basic beatbox sounds

Try beat boxing to make percussion sounds using only your mouth. Follow this Howcast guide to learn how to make basic beatbox sounds. You Will Need * Rhythm * A mouth Step 1: Create a kick drum Make the kick drum sound by expelling pressurized air through your mouth. At the ...more

How To : Beatbox a gunshot sound effect

Beatboxinging, hip-hop, and firearms have always had a close relationship, and many of the best hip-hop songs feature gunshot sounds at some point in the track. If you want to add gunshots to your beatbox, watch this video to learn how to make awesome gunshot sounds with your ...more

How To : BeatBox the lip oscillation & vibration technique

Check out this instructional beatboxing video that provides an in-depth explanation for two different lip oscillations & vibrations. These techniques really help improve your beatboxing skills. They are both done by applying a lot of pressure and vibrating your lips at high sp ...more

How To : Beatbox basic beats

Watch this music tutorial video to learn how to beatbox basic beats with Venolla. The basic beats include kick drum, closed hi-hat, rim shot, falsetto, and other techniques. Beatboxing will be easy once you've watched this helpful how-to video that is perfect for beginners. Pa ...more

How To : Beatbox the Classic Snare Sound

If you've seen my basic sounds tutorial (and if you haven't, you should!) you'd know a rimshot sound instead of a snare. The classic snare, while considerably more tricky, is far more versatile. What's it sound like? The classic snare is similar to the word "poof" if said wi ...more

How To : Beatbox "Wind" by Kenny Muhammed

In this how to video you will learn how to beatbox "Wind" by Kenny Muhammed. This tutorial is great for those wanting to learn the basics of beatboxing. Pronunciation is as follows: Orsh-t-k-kch-b-Larsh-t-k-kch-t-k-Beas-t- k-kch-b-ceado-kch-sa Bo-t-k-kch-bo-tktk-kch-t-k-bo-t- ...more

How To : Perform basic noises for beatboxing

Check out this instructional beatboxing video that shows you how to perform basic noises for beatboxing beginners. The three basic sounds are the kick (the staple mark for beatboxing, similar to a kick drum), the hi hat sound, and the click. Master these three basic noises and ...more

How To : Beatbox "If Your Mother Only Knew" by Rahzel

This is a step by step instructional video to help those who want to learn how to sing and beatbox (at the same time) Rahzel's "If Your Mother Only Knew". This two part lesson is great for beginner to intermediate beatboxers. Part 1 of 2 - How to Beatbox "If Your Mother Only K ...more

How To : Beatbox the multi-tone Didjeredoo throat technique

Check out this instructional beatboxing video that shows you how to do the mutli-tone Didjeredoo or Tuvan throat technique. This is a Low Throat oscillation that is used to mimic the Didjeredoo and also Tuvan Throat singing, as well as the fact that it's just an awesome noise ...more

How To : Beatbox the tongue & tom roll technique

This instructional beatboxing video explains how to do a better tongue roll as well as an alternate roll that is referred to as the tom roll. These are both used as fills in between kicks and snares as well as at the end of phrases. Practice the tongue and tom roll techniques ...more

How to Beatbox : Breathing lesson

For the aspiring beat-boxer in all of us, Jaxster is here to help. In the first in a series of tutorials, these simple tips will help you learn the basics of: -How to breathe. -In which direction to breath when pumping out sounds. -How to form particular sounds with certain li ...more

How To : Sing and beatbox at the same time

This video is a demonstration of how to sing and beatbox Rahzel's "If Your Mother Only Knew." This video breaks down each word in the song and how it relates to the drum part. To do this you need to know how to hum and beatbox at the same time. Good luck!

How To : Make Reeps One's Wobble Sound in beatboxing

How often do you find yourself in need of a beat but without a stereo? Don't get stuck without a beat, learn how to beatbox. Check out this video to learn how to make a "wobble wob wob" sound just like famous beatboxer Reeps One.

How To : Beatbox Faith SFX's "Aint No Sunshine"

This tutorial video will show you how you can beatbox Faith SFX's song "Aint No sunshine." The Beatbox tabs are here: b-k-ain't-no-sun-b-shine-k-when-she's-go ne-b-kch-b-t-kch-bmm-b-kung-b-b-bmm b-k-it's-not-warm-b-when-she-[k]-'s-a-[b ]-way-b-kch-b-t-kch-bmm-b-kung-b-b-bmm ...more

How To : Beatbox for beginners

Beatboxing made simple with this cool tutorial. Great if you are a beginner. Beatbox for beginners. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Beatbox four different types of snares

This instructional beatboxing video provides a detailed explanation of 4 different types of snares performed in Beatboxing and their application throughout vocal percussion. This video is great for beginners and advanced beatboxers. Practice these techniques and improve your b ...more

How To : Be a human beatbox

GKillah shows you how to turn your mouth into a human beatbox. Think it's impossible? Just watch. He breaks it down into the basics. What seems inconceivable is actually just a matter of positioning. Who needs instruments when you have skills like this..

How To : Make Slizzer's roll sound when beatboxing

Why spend hundreds of dollars on equipment when you can make a beat with nothing more than your own mouth. Learn how to beatbox by watching this video and practicing Slizzer's roll sound. This roll will take your beats to the next level.

How To : Beatbox FaithSFX's "Stand By Me"

In this how to video you will learn to beatbox "Stand by Me" by FaithSFX. This tutorial is great for intermediate beatboxers. LYRICS (BASS) = humming (D/BASS) = just a variation of the humming bass with the letter "D", sound more like an upright bass than the "B" bass. (B) = k ...more

How To : Perform an intermediate BeatBox syncopation

Check out this instructional beatboxing video that shows you how to perform an intermediate BeatBox syncopation. This is a a slowed down, follow along video explanation of an intermediate level syncopation for beginning beatboxers only. Improve your beatboxing skills with this ...more

How To : Beatbox "Water" by Kevin Muhammed

Learn how to beatbox "Water" by Kevin Muhammed with this tutorial. This lesson is designed for the beginner to intermediate beatbox student. Pronunciation: (b t b t kch t t kch t kch b kch kch b t kch) x 2-4 times b t b t kch t t kch t t "KUT" t kch "HAH" t kch b t b t kch t " ...more

How To : Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

Learn how to beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine with this step by step tutorial. This video is great for beginner beatboxers. Lyrics: INTRO Bew-t-b-pf-t-b-bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew-t -b-pf-t-b-[b]bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew VERSE 1 -t-b-[pf]I'm just a [b]bachelor-[pf]bew-t-b-bew -t-b-[pf ...more

How To : Beatbox the basics with Shamik

Human Beatbox, Shamik, pays a visit to Skratchy Seal and teaches him how to beatbox! Break it down with hits, hats and snares using the alphabet to help you get the basic sounds out of your mouth.

How To : Beatbox Tutorial - Classic Snare

Ah, the snare. My old nemesis. It took me eight freakin' months to get this sound down. Eight! It's supposed to be one of the easy sounds! Eight months! Ah well, I've explained it nice and easy so hopefully it won't take you guys quite as long. To make the sound: 1 - It's sim ...more

How To : Beatbox the inward key snare with Stitch

Stitch shows how to do the inward keh snare and its advantages over outward keh. Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Breathe in through the sides of your tongue for a "Darth Vader"-like sound. Forget steps 1 and 2 for a while. Say a "k" with the back of your ...more

How To : Make Kenny Muhammad's beatbox snare sound

Take your beatboxing to the next level. Check out this video to learn how to make the sounds the pros make. This video will explain the technique for making Kenny Muhammad's snare sound. Watch the video and then get to work beatboxing.

News : Human Beatbox like Doug E Fresh

There are very few legends in this world. When it comes to beatboxing, Doug E Fresh is the O.G. legend. Below is an old school video of Fresh with Slick Rick performing 'La Di Da Di' in New York. At 3:52 Fresh goes off the hook, so be patient. There are very few legends in th ...more

How To : Perform a KCH snare sound beatboxing

This video is a demonstration by Diaryboichau on how to make a KCH snare beatbox sound. A detailed demonstration of how to go about positioning your tongue, how to breathe and how to articulate this crisp snare sound are all part of this informative clip.

News : Super Mario Beatbox

Japanese Beatboxer Hikakin does an amusing rendition of Super Mario music. No idea how he can make two sounds at once. Here is him doing a rendition for Tetris:

How To : 20 Google Home Easter Eggs & Fun Commands

With the holidays over, a lot of people with shiny new Google Homes are getting their first chance to explore the new Google Assistant. Before the Google Home's release, the Assistant was only available for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, or in a text-based form with Google All ...more

How To : Add effects to your beats in FL Studio

In this video tutorial from PrimeLoops, host Nick, teaches you how to create a beat, using beatbox samples, in FL Studio. You will learn how to drag samples from the browser interface to the channel interface, so that you can use them. As you follow along, Nick shows you how t ...more

News : Siri Sucks at Rapping, MC Bixby Rubs It In

It looks like Samsung's Bixby finally got one up on Apple's Siri — when it comes to which virtual assistant can spit better rhymes, that is. Mhm, that's right. It's a rap battle between one AI and another, and Siri just can't spit. But Bixby, well ... Bixby's got some super d ...more

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