How To : Make Filipino-style stir fried beef

This how-to video is about how to make Filipino style stir fried beef. Ingredients required: 1)Boneless beef cut into pieces 2)Salt 3)Green and red capsicum 4)Black pepper 5)Oyster sauce 6)Corn starch powder Procedure: Take a bowl and mix beef with black pepper, 1 tabl ...more

How To : Make grilled Spanish mustard beef/carne asada

Carne asada means nothing more than "grilled meat" in Spanish, and it can be prepared in a myriad of different ways to produce anything from chopped beef for a taco to a whole beef cut to be enjoyed with a side salad. If you're a beef man and/or are looking for a new recipe th ...more

How To : Roast veal with vegetables

This how to video shows you how to prepare a hearty dish of roasted veal with vegetables. For this recipe you will need: - 3lbs. (about 1.5 KG) fillet of beef prepared by your butcher shop, tied with cooking thread - crushed garlic - chopped parsley - salt, black pepper and a ...more

How To : Make classic beef stew for camping

In the mood for a classic hearty dish? Then watch this cooking how-to video to learn how to make a delicious beef stew. This beef stew recipe is great for camping. Beef Stew: Ingredients: * 1 pound beef, cut for stew * 1 large onions, sliced * 2 tsp. flour * 1 pound potatoes ...more

How To : Prepare cheese and onion stuffed hamburgers

Betty's Kitchen offers recipe for Cheese and Onion Stuffed Hamburgers You'll need 1 pound of ground beef, cut into quarters, and pressed into two separate circular patties. Season the patties to taste and take some Deluxe American Cheese slices, cut into four. Place a square o ...more

How To : Turn Any Pot Roast Recipe into a Crock Pot One

Fall is here, and it's time for warm, filling meals... that don't involve a lot of effort, because it is getting cold outside and you spent a full day at work wishing you were on the couch with a blanket over your head, dammit. Solidarity, my friend—you are not alone. As a me ...more

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