Beer : Our New Favorite Cocktail Ingredient

One of my favorite things about cocktails is that they're so diverse. They can be sweet or savory, filling or refreshing. And they can take advantage of nearly any ingredient imaginable, including egg whites, smoked ice, flavor cubes, and even beer. As a card-carrying member ...more

How To : Mix a Homemade Pimms cocktail

Expert mixologists Soulshakers show you how to make a Homemade Pimms cocktail at home. This drink has cucumber and mint, to make it an excellent and refreshing summer drink. I think it's a better use of mint than a Mojito. You need ginger beer, lime soda and vodka. Mix a Homem ...more

How To : Mix a Michelada drink, aka the Spicy Beer cocktail

Although it's a loosely defining term, the Michelada (or cerveza prepared) is a wonderful mix of beer, lime juice, hot sauce, and soy sauce. You would never think that these things can actually taste good together, but if that's the train of thought you have, you don't know wh ...more

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