Betty Boop

How To : Make clay Betty Boop pendants

In this series of home crafts videos, our youthful clay sculpture expert shares her method for creating fun pendants of Boop's distinctive face. She tells you what materials you need, then demonstrates how to mold the hair, face and eyes of your very own piece of movie history ...more

How To : Draw the cartoon character, Betty Boop

This video illustrates how to draw the cartoon character,Betty Boop. Here are the following steps: Step 1: Take a sheet of paper and pencil and start drawing a circle and below it draw a outline of human body. Step 2: Within the circle draw a pair of eyes, nose,lips and smil ...more

How To : Draw Betty Boop

Drawing Now presents this simple video tutorial on how to draw Betty Boop. Begin by drawing an apple shape for her head. In the center of her head draw her part and extend the curved line down to her cheek finishing off with an upturned curl. Next draw the other half of her pa ...more

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