Do the Uber Spin in Stoked : Big Air Edition

If you wish you could snowboard without any lessons or the possibility of getting injured, then try out Stoked: Big Air Edition for the Xbox 360. Although it's a video game, you'll be able to perform awesome aerial tricks that you couldn't normally do in real life. In this tut ...more

How To : Do a bunny hop on a BMX bike

Looking to catch some big air on your BMX? Watch this video to learn the three step method to bunny hopping. This isn't a cute and cuddly bunny hop, this is how you get your bike off the ground and up in the air.

How To : Make your own pita bread

This is a video demonstration that will show you how to make pita bread at home. The first thing you have to do is dissolve the yeast in a warm water with a little sugar added to it. Let it sit until it becomes frothy. The next step is to add about half of the flour and a litt ...more

How To : Get the Into the Fire achievement in Stoked

If you're looking to grab big air without having to deal with the cold or possiblity of injury, maybe playing a video game would be a good idea. Although it's not that ideal, playing video games can get you closer to the action than some of forms of media. In this tutorial, yo ...more

How To : Get The Cascades achievement location in Stoked

If you love catching big air in the snow without the need of actual snow, then you should grab the game Stoked. This snowboarding game takes you to some of the most gnarliest and awesome mountains you've ever seen in a sports game. This tutorial will shows you how to get to Th ...more

How To : Bunnyhop with a BMX bike

The bunnyhop is to BMX biking as the ollie is to skateboarding. It is the most basic means of getting off the ground, and the basis of big airs and most tricks. This video will teach you how to perform one yourself and get your BMX skills off the ground. It may take a while fo ...more

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