Bioshock Infinite Achievement

News : Bioshock Infinite Revealed!

Amazing trailer. A sequel that's not a sequel, but takes the series to the open skies! From the official website:BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter currently in development at Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock (which sold over 4 million units w ...more

How To : Get the Master Protector achievement in Bioshock 2

It's time to head back into Rapture! In this achievement tutorial for the game Bioshock 2, you'll be going after the Master Protector achievement. It will award you with 15 gamer points to add onto your gamerscore. It can be a difficult achievement to unlock to make sure you k ...more

How To : Get the 9-Irony achievement in Bioshock 2

Attention all achievement hunters! It's time to head back to Rapture in the achievement tutorial. The name of this achievement is 9-Irony and can be found in Bioshock 2. It's an easy way to get five gamer points and just requires that you throw a golf club at a statue's head. ...more

News : Is Your Dream Gaming PC Worth It?

The last week has been a trying one for me. On Sunday, there were four computers in my office, three of which were broken. The fourth was not really a computer, but more of a collection of parts that were cobbled together for the purpose of constructing a PC that would sneer d ...more

News : New Bioshock Game Goes Steampunk in a Big Way

The trailer for the new Bioshock game, Bioshock Infinite, takes the series away from its dieselpunk roots and into the realm of steampunk. Watch this trailer, and you'll see what I mean! Video: . It's due out early next year, and I can't wait!

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