Biped Character

How To : Add a biped to a mesh character in 3ds Max

If you just made a mesh character, it's not going to be very interesting or fun to use until you can start animating it. To start animating, you'll need to add a biped structure to your character - this tutorial shows you how. Part 1 of 3 - How to Add a biped to a mesh charact ...more

How To : Make a biped out of Zspheres in Zbrush

This Zbrush tutorial shows you how to make a biped character out of Zspheres. NOTE: This link is to a Flash version of the first 5 minutes of this 30 minute tutorial. A download link is provided on the page for the full WMP tutorial.

How To : Use motion capture on bipeds in 3DS MAX

Using motion capture is one of the easiest and most effective ways to animate the motions of a bipedal character who is proportional to a normal human. When the character is not in proportion, like the World of Warcraft low-poly models in this video, it gets a little more comp ...more

How To : Use Biped to do motion capture in 3DS Max

Causing World of Warcraft characters to do what you want them to do in your machinima film can be a major challenge. Motion capture is one useful tool that you can use to solve the problem. This video will teach you the basics of using the Biped plugin for 3DS Max to animate W ...more

How To : Rig a quadruped with the Auto Rig Tool in Houdini

This five part Houdini 9 video series covers an entire rigging workflow using the H9 Quadruped Auto Rig shelf tool. Take an in-depth look at setting up joint controls, creating proxy geometry, generating animation and deformation rigs, and painting weights. The concepts presen ...more

How To : Animate a biped model in 3ds MAX

Once you've made a 3D model of a character, you are going to have to make them do something. This video is about that. It will teach you how to animate basic motions on a bipedal 3D model in 3D Studio MAX, allowing it to do anything from armwrestle to hug. The video is pretty ...more

How To : Animate a basic walk cycle for a biped in 3ds Max

Making a 3D model bipedal character walk is one of the most basic and necessary things that you can do to them. If you are going to use them in a movie or game, chances are they will have to move themselves from one place to another right? This video will teach you how to crea ...more

How To : Animate a basic biped in 3ds Max

Check out this Autodesk 3ds Max video tutorial on how to animate a basic biped. This 3D graphics application will have your digital character walking in no time. Creating multiple footsteps in 3D Studio Max is a cinch. So, if you're a beginning 3D modeler, than this would be ...more

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