Build a Larp Arrow

How To : Make a quiver full of larp safe foam tipped arrows

This tutorial is a great guide on how you can make a set of safe, foam-tipped arrows. You'll need to start with some hobby arrows, metal washers, wall anchors, a small NERF football, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, measuring tape and a foam golf ball or blue camping foam. Part 1 ...more

How To : Make or repair larp safe boffer arrows

This tutorial shows you how you can take arrows which may be damaged, or just not up to spec, and repair or recondition them. The tutorial takes apart an arrow, which can give you some good ideas on how to construct them as well.

How To : Turn a Cobra Crossbow into a larp safe crossbow

If you're only fighting with foam, you don't want a professional hunting weapon. But you can refit a commercial crossobw and make it larp safe. Starting with the Cobra crossbow, you can modify it to safely shoot foam tipped arrows at a boffer larp.

How To : Make a safe boffer arrow out of foam

Add to your boffer larp arsenal with these foam arrows! This tutorial shows you how to make a modular boffer arrow out of three different kinds of foam, a cloth cover, arrowhead shafts, scissors, duct tape and your favorite kind of spray adhesive. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a s ...more

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