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How To : Paint a room properly

This instructional painting video demonstrates how to prep and paint a room. First, go through the room and spackle any holes or dents in the wall. Sand it down after the joint compound dries. Paint the ceilings first. Follow these step by step instructions to paint a room; tr ...more

How To : Glitch in to a secret room in Fable 3

Fable 3 has not been out for very long and had a massive budget, but of course there are still hidden areas in the 3D modeling that you can glitch into. Watch this video to learn how to glitch in to a useless but pretty secret room in one of the game's many caverns.

How To : Telnet into a chat room

The uses for Telnet are nearly limitless. Even joining chat rooms are in its repituare of purposes. This video will show you exactly how to Telnet into a chatroom. To send a message grooms name#a#whatever you want to send To send a message through PM hpersons name#1#a#Whateve ...more

How To : Draw rooms using colored art markers

Free Drawing Lessons has this video on how to draw rooms using colored art markers. This is the process to draw rooms using imaginary box and art markers - interior perspective. Free Drawing Lessons has more great online drawing tutorials and tips.

How To : Lay carpet tiles in your living room

Keep a high traffic floor evergreen using replaceable carpet tiles. All you need is a straight edge, measuring tape and a utility knife. Watch this how to video and grab your equipment to give your living room an entirely different feel.

How To : Create a massage room in your home

In this clip, we are going to talk about how to create a room in your home for a massage. You don't necessarily need a table if you want to use your dining room table as long as it's sturdy. Don't get anything flimsy in it and of course it shouldn't be a round table, something ...more

How To : Paint a living room

In this video series, professional painter Grady Johnson teaches how to paint the living rrom in your house. Grady covers how to pick paint, what tools and materials are needed to paint a house, how to clear a room, how to lay drop cloth, how to cut in and roll walls and ceili ...more

How To : Create a weird room perspective drawing

This video demonstrates perspective and how to use it to make your drawings more realistic. In this time lapse video, the pencil drawing slowing completes itself. The artist uses many different vanishing points to create the drawing. The drawing consists of several different r ...more

How To : Install crown moulding to your room

In this tutorial, we learn how to install crown molding to your room. First, choose the right size and style of molding for the room, then measure your room to find out how much you need. After this, you will need to buy a saw to cut the molding when you're ready to install. A ...more

How To : Decorate your hotel room for the holidays

Traveling for Christmas? You don't have to forego holiday decorations just because you're celebrating from a hotel room! This tutorial shows you a few tips, like window decals and tabletop Christmas trees, that you can use to maintain the festive spirit while traveling.

How To : Draw a complex room

Miandza teaches you how to draw a complex room. You will start with two rectangles, one smaller than the other. Also draw 3 perspective lines - one horizontal and two diagonal, meeting in the middle. After that, start creating objects and pieces of furniture. Also add walls, d ...more

How To : Perform a cricothyrotomy in an emergency room

This medical how-to video demonstrates an open emergency cricothyrotomy. A cricothyrotomy is an emergency incision made through the skin and the cricothyroid membrane. This emergency procedure is performed to ensure that a patient is receiving air. Watch and learn how this pro ...more

How To : Design your kitchen/dining room combo elegantly

In this tutorial, get some helpful hints that will help you maximize your space and create an elegant design scheme for your home. This video from Fine Living will show you how to spruce up your dining room/kitchen combo so that it really stands out.

News : Amazon Echo Is Google for Your Living Room

You have to give Amazon credit where it's due. Aside from being a retail powerhouse, they're not averse to dipping their feet in new and sometimes strange areas. Take Fresh, the first major effort at bringing your local goods directly to you in same-day fashion. Or Amazon Dash ...more

How To : Arrange a dorm room for privacy

Don't let the prison cell dimensions discourage you. There are ways to carve out a little personal space. Curtains, space dividers, and even loft beds help. Watch this video interior design tutorial and learn how to arrange a dorm room for privacy.

How To : Decorate a small room

A small living room doesn't have to feel cramped. There are lots of simple tips to make the most of the space available. Watch this video interior design tutorial and learn how to furnish a small room comfortably.

How To : Practice hotel room yoga with Tara Stiles

Here are some yoga moves you can do in your hotel room to keep you feeling great during your travels! Just because you're on vacation or on a business trip doesn't mean you can't practice a little bit of yoga to keep yourself fit and healthy. Watch this video fitness tutorial ...more

How To : Draw a split level room

This is a great video for interior designers or those who love to draw! This is a wonderful tutorial on how you can draw a split-level room. Split-level rooms are rooms in houses where you can either go upstairs or you can go downstairs. It's like the middle level. By drawing ...more

News : DIY Cork Board for Dorm Rooms

Check out this cool cork board idea I found! How to Make a DIY Pinboard: Tutorial With Stylist Megan Morton | The Stir. Pinboards, inspiration boards, bulletin boards, they are a simple, fun way of personalizing and organizing an office space or children's room, an ...more

How To : Draw and color a room with art markers

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw and color a room with art markers. Start off by drawing a basic room, using a vertical vortex as your map of where everything goes. Draw in the stairs as you see them, then draw the hallways, windows, picture frames, and more. Draw in the ...more

How To : Make an easy origami table for a living room

Got a niece who loves playing make believe in her doll house? Then she'll get a kick out of this project. After all, every doll house needs a set or two of furniture. Make her a furniture piece that's unique and can actually hold a few light objects (like fake food) by watchin ...more

How To : Feng shui your living room to de-stress

Feng shui can supposedly do everything from relax to rejuvenate. At the very least, it can de-stress the mess of your living room. Watch this video interior design tutorial and learn how to feng shui your living room and create a more relaxing environment.

How To : 7 Tips for Booking a Cheap Hotel Room

If you know where you need to book a hotel for traveling but aren't too picky about the hotel brand or exact neighborhood, book a hotel room for a discounted rate at or Once you book the hotel, then the exact hotel name and location is revealed to yo ...more

How To : Do color washing when you paint your room

Walls looking a little drab and dreary? Try color washing your walls, a two-step process that'll give your walls a vibrant look. Pick out your color, prep your walls, do a base coat of the walls, and then apply glaze. It's very simple, and at the end of it, you'll have amazing ...more

How To : Make a fireplace the focal point in a room

Have a boring fireplace that seems to be a sight for sore eyes in the living room? Build a mantle or change the facade to make your fireplace the focal point. Watch this how to video and get a few tips on how to spruce up a drab looking fireplace.

How To : Do a revitalizing yoga workout in your hotel room

When we think of yoga, the image of a lanky hippie toting a sticky mat in one hand and POM juice in the other usually comes to mind. But in reality, everyone can do yoga and a sticky mat is not always required. If you're traveling a lot for your job and your back is sore from ...more

How To : Make a record cabinet for your entertainment room

If you're running out of room to store your records, buying a cabinet can be a smart idea. What's an even better idea is building one yourself. Not only are you able to make your own style, but you can build it to whatever size you need. With this next video tutorial, you'll ...more

How To : Light a room for different moods and effects

This video shows how to improve light in a room for different moods and effects. You will see how the lighting will fit the design of different rooms and still fill the basic needs of the light. A dining room with a dimmer switch will focus on the dining room table with ambien ...more

How To : Draw a room with stairways using complex levels

Have you ever secretly pined away for a career in interior design, even though you're currently stuck in law school because, well, your parents forced you and gave you no other option? Because law school can be a bit rigid in terms of what you learn (pretty much it's just fact ...more

How To : Decorate a room for a dinner party to make it special

In this clip, learn all about interior decorating for parties and see how you can put a fabulous finishing touch on your dinner party. In this clip, you will learn what to display, what to serve and how to organize your room so that your dinner party goes off without a hitch.

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