Build Bigger Biceps

How To : Get bigger biceps by lifting weights

How do you get bigger biceps, the age-old quest for bigger guns. Well, first things first, more is not better. Hefting around 50-pound dumbbells as opposed to 20-pound dumbbells is not necessarily going to build you bigger biceps because what's probably happening, you're proba ...more

How To : Do a finishing exercise to get bigger biceps

Are you looking to get big, burly arms? If you are into bodybuilding, or are just trying to perfect your physique.. have a look at this video. In it, you will learn how to do a finishing exercise and get bigger biceps. It is probably best if you do these exercises as a more se ...more

How To : Train your arms for bigger biceps

This tutorial demonstrates a weight training workout for your biceps. The how to video provides different exercises to target specific muscle groups so you can gain lean muscle mass and increase strength levels in your biceps.

How To : Do triceps presses for big arms

In this video, we learn how to do triceps presses for big arms. If you want big arms, you need to work on triceps more than biceps. You will take a barbell and leave your elbows motionless. You will lay down and push up with the barbell, holding it with a narrow grip. Make sur ...more

How To : Do seated dumbbell curls to tone arms and biceps

In order to get those Incredible Hulk shoulders and pectorals, you have to do lots of seated presses with heavy dumbbells. It's not exactly fun, we know, but soon enough you'll have big guns hefty enough to wrestle the best of them. To learn how to do seated dumbbell presses ...more

How To : Turn someone into Hulk in GIMP

First of all open the image of Daniel Craig. Go to 'layer' and create a 'duplicate' the current layer. Then from top choose 'colors' then 'saturation'. Now click the 'r' from right side bar and also adjust up the 'hue' to 108 till he looks green. Now adjust the 'saturation' ba ...more

How To : Get bigger arms using heavy bicep curls

If you are sitting at your computer right now lamenting your underdeveloped biceps and the laughs they draw when you go to the gym or the beach, watch this video. Herein you will learn how simple heavy bicep curls will beef them up quicly and effectively.

News : Pulse - The Ultimate Messenger

What is Pulse Pulse is that weird sensation that we feel when we palpate the skin overlaying an artery. There is many different sites that we could feel that pulse Radial Artery; That is the commonest site to feel the pulse. [Picture 01] Brachial Artery; we can just feel th ...more

How To : Do a biceps curl in perfect form with weights

Have you tried working out with a bicep curl? Biceps curls are an essential part of lifting weights and strength training. This fitness how-to video demonstrates how to do these exercises with perfect form. Getting big biceps means doing curls and lifting dumbbell weights. Lea ...more

How To : Do the Sautillé bowing technique on violin

Sautillé is french for jumping. This how to video teaches you the Sautillé bowing technique on the violin. You should repeat each note 8 times. Find the "sweet spot" where the bow bounces by itself. The stick bounces but the hair never leaves the string. Your hand has to be th ...more

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