Build Igloos

News : Brooklynites Build Skull-Shaped Igloo Fortress

What better place to brave the Snowpocalypse than in a snowy simulacrum of a human skull? For those of you old enough to remember He-Man, yes, that's Castle Grayskull. And, oddly enough, the artist, Kilroy III, has actually done this before—nearly 20 years ago: The video tou ...more

How To : Build an emergency igloo with snow

Temperatures plummet... a shelter, an igloo, can be built out of nothing but snow. It has to be the right kind of snow, cut from a well packed snow drift. The best snow is laid down in one single storm, it's hard and compact. Watch this BBC documentary video to learn just how ...more

How To : Build an igloo by digging out snow shelters

Igloos and snow caves are two common types of snow shelters that provide an excellent blockade from harsh elements but are typically cramped. A digloo is the combination of the two that creates a large, comfortable refuge. Find out how to build one. Build an igloo by digging o ...more

How To : Build an igloo in Minnesota

This video tests the idea that an igloo, once left to freeze in the extreme cold, will be strong enough to stand on without collapsing. The experiment takes place in Minnesota where the temperature was fifteen degrees below zero at the start. Begin by shoveling snow into a dom ...more

How To : Make an igloo & penguin cake

In this tutorial, we learn how to make an igloo and penguin cake. For this, you will start with colored fondant or colored gum paste. Next, you will shape your gum paste into the bodies of the little penguins. After this, make sure you make all the shapes for their eyes and be ...more

How To : Change an office into an igloo

Those microsoft guys can't write good userfriendly software but boy can they turn an office into an igloo. Witness this prank as Bertan's office is turned into a white igloo. Styrofoam and snow paint are used to transform this winter wonderland. Change an office into an igloo. ...more

News : Build Your Own AT-AT Imperial Walker Snow Sculpture

It's been a legendary year for snow art. First there was the Eiffel Tower penis. Then the crash-landed AT-AT. Then the beautiful snowdecahedron and the skull-shaped igloo fortress. Found on Unreality Mag, the latest newsworthy snow sculpture is every Star Wars-loving little ki ...more

HowTo : Make a Frozen Solid Ice Beer Caddy

Rob Cockerham had a problem. How do you keep your summer beers ice cold in the sweltering heat - in something more exciting than your typical igloo cooler? After much trial and error, many consumed beers, and (most importantly) an exploration into the art of making molds, Rob ...more

How To : Do a 12-volt fan mod on your XBox 360

The XBox 360 is notorious for it's inability to stay cool and the many fatal errors that that has caused. This video will get you one step closer to solving the problem by showing you how to install a 12-volt fan mod in your console. This will make it a little bit louder, but ...more

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : WICKIUP

WICKIUP 68 points (18 points without the bingo) Definition: an American Indian hut [n] It's shaped like an igloo, but wickiups aren't made of snow and ice, there made of arched wooden poles and some sort of roofing material, such as grass, brush, reeds, or cloth—basically, w ...more

How To : Get a brown puffle bed in Club Penguin

It seems like everyone has a brown puffle except you! Where to get it? This video shows you the right steps to take so you can get one for your own igloo. You can also find a few other brown puffles along the way.

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