Build Wind Turbines

How To : Build a vertical axis wind turbine

The economy is down, so what's one way you can save money? Build a vertical axis wind turbine! This eco-friendly four-part video tutorial will show you just how to make one so you can save money. These are detailed steps for making the vertical axis wind turbine. The blades ca ...more

How To : Build a wind turbine with PVC windmill blades

In this Education video tutorial you will learn how to build a wind turbine with PVC windmill blades. This project when completed will charge a 12V battery. You can turn a motor in to a generator. When you spin the shaft on the generator, electricity is generated. So you get a ...more

How To : Make a wind turbine using a ceiling fan

Scott Brown teaches us how to make a wind turbine using a ceiling fan in this video. First, place steel banding around the middle of the ceiling fan base. Now, cross all the combinations of the wires and keep them close together so you don't confuse them. Hook these up to DC t ...more

News : DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines take less horizontal space to operate, and they don't have to face any certain direction to work. Larger turbines are absolutely beautiful.

Hands-on : Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kit & Datascape

One thing that I got more and more excited about as we got closer and closer to the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference was finally learning about the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMD). Brandon Bray, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, ...more

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