How To : Master basic tactics and micros in StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2 came out today, and it's fantastic. Unfortunately for those of you who are new to the game, it's pretty complex and the barrier to entry can be high especially if you want to play online. This video will help you get started by teaching you how to use basic build o ...more

News : Introduction to Terrans in Starcraft 2

Interested in playing as the Terran race or curious about the new updates? Here are two excellent guides that methodically take you through the new changes and abilities of the Terran buildings and demonstrate how the Terran units work. It's a bit old, but most of the informat ...more

How To : Get the StarCraft II "Training Day" Achievement

This will show you how to earn the Training Day achievement in StarCraft II on the newest patch, 1.1.2. It's slightly different than before, whereas the Terran Barracks now requires a Supply Depot before it can be built. You can most likely do this faster, as there are a coupl ...more

How To : Build an accurate bed from Legos

If you're building a great, accurate house model, and are looking to add some furniture to the home, the master bedroom is going to need a bed. Where will your minifigs sleep if they don't have a bed? In this great video you will get a brief glimpse at the bricks that you will ...more

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