How To : Do Push-Ups and Crunches to Get Ripped at Home

This how-to video is for anybody looking to gain lean muscle right in the convenience of your own home with little to no equipment. The intensity and variety of these exercises makes for an effective muscle-building workout. Standard Pushup With hands extended slightly outsid ...more

How To : Get rid of man boobs the right way

Get rid of man boobs by lowering body fat percentage and avoiding the flat bend press exercise. Eliminate man boobs with tips from a fitness specialist in this free video on toning and building muscle from Sarah Dussault and Stephen Cabral show you how to get rid of ...more

How To : Do tricep cruls with dumbbells

Triceps curls target the muscles at the back of the arm, building muscle mass and toning. Learn how to do triceps curl exercises in this strength training video. Take action: extend arm above head & elbow at 45 degrees, move slowly, lower weight and extend up, fix your upper a ...more

How To : Do vertical leg crunches

Vertical leg crunches work the muscles of the thighs by curling the leg vertically, building muscle mass and tone. Learn how to do vertical leg crunch exercises in this strength training video. Take action: use a mat for comfort, keep legs as straight as you can, focus on crun ...more

How To : Get big, ripped arms with kettlebells

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to get bigger and ripped arms with kettle-bells. This video provides three different exercises involving the kettle-bell. The exercises are: gunslinger, triceps extension and push-ups. For the gunslinger, stand up with knees bent and f ...more

How To : Build muscle with cheap furniture slider push ups

You're probably under the (false) impression that building wads of Hulkish muscle also requires wads of cash, because most muscle builders have complete gyms filled to the brim with weights and tabatas. But you can train and get lean at home with just one simple and cheap too ...more

How To : Build muscles with the muscle tool in Houdini 9

In the following lessons you will learn some essential tools and techniques for working with muscles in Houdini. In the first lesson, you will learn how to rig up a simple muscle arm using Houdini's Muscle tool. The Muscle tool uses meta-balls to capture your character's skin ...more

How To : Define and build your chest quickly

This video describes how to exercise in such way to maintain or promote defined chest muscles. It is explained that the chest muscles should be worked hard enough to actually gain muscle mass. Next, it is explained that muscle mass is lost as you age and the skin loses elastic ...more

How To : Do yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga exercises are great for building muscle, increasing flexibility and losing weight. Learn a variety of yoga exercises for losing weight from a professional yoga instructor in this free fitness video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Do yoga exercises for weight loss. Do yoga e ...more

How To : Do bridge exercises with Brooke Burke

This exercise video for women, featuring Autumn Calebrese and Brooke Burke from Modern Mom, show you how to work your abs and stomach area! In "the Bridge," you arch your back slowly, working the gluteus maximus as well as the core area in general. Do about twenty-five repetit ...more

How To : Tone your legs with leg slimming exercises

No pain, no gain honeys! Though there exist a few genetically gifted women in this world (we're looking at you, Megan Fox), the rest of us have to commit to eating right and exercising in order to maintain fabulous bodies. It isn't fun, but sticking to a strict diet and workou ...more

How To : Build muscle and increase testosterone

Don't fret any longer after watching this video you'll learn how to build muscles and increase testosterone in your body. Of course, in order to build the muscles you want you'll need to increase your testosterone. Here, you'll learn how to do exercises and increase your testo ...more

How To : Make a Delicious Healthy Smoothie

You will need frozen fruit yogurt, banana, sorbet (thickener) almond milk, milk, or juice protein powder (if desired) honey or agave syrup (if desired) cinnamon or other spices (to taste) Thaw frozen fruit. If you put your frozen fruit in the blender while it's hard as a ro ...more

How To : Do the sumo kick exercise

Learn how you can do the sumo kick exercise with this fitness tutorial. Sumo kicks are great for toning and building muscle in your gluts and legs. Watch this how to video and you can do the sumo kick exercise.

How To : Get six pack abs with cardio & strength training

In this video, Yuri Elkaim will teach you how to get six pack abs using cardio and strength training. He breaks down the discussion of cardio vs. strength training for burning fat and building muscle. In the video, Elkaim stresses high-intensity interval training (HIIT), in wh ...more

How To : Do interval exercises to build muscle in your legs

This video shows you how to do interval exercises to build muscle in your legs. Darin Steen, creator of the Fat Loss Lifestyle 12-Week Body Transformation Program, shows you how to do the king of all leg exercises... The Squat! Not just any squat, the smith machine back squat. ...more

How To : Use free weights and resistance bands

This video series on fitness is great because it not only focuses on lifting free weights and body weight but it also focuses on keeping your heart rate up constantly while doing it. This creates a massive calorie burning machine in your body while building muscle at the same ...more

How To : Exercise with a thigh master

Thigh Masters are an inexpensive and easy way to build muscle strength. Work the inner thighs, outer thighs and chest muscles with simple Thigh Master exercises in this free fitness video series from a professional fitness instructor. Part 1 of 6 - How to Exercise with a thigh ...more

How To : Get ripped fast for guys with a slim tone

This video workout is aimed at skinny guys who want to get ripped. Some tips for weight training are to train less than 45 minutes at a time, focus on compound movements, try to get 5% stronger every two weeks, don't do more than one or two forced reps, and split your workout ...more

How To : Give a good 15 minute massage

Massage has been around for a very long time. It has been proved that massage can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and create a feeling of well being. 54% of doctors recommend massage therapy. 85% of all diseases are believed to be stress related. Giving massages is fu ...more

How To : Exercise with a weight bar

Increase muscle strength and agility with weight bar exercises. Learn how to build muscles and tone with weight bar exercises in this free weight training video series from an exercise physiologist. Part 1 of 18 - How to Exercise with a weight bar. Exercise with a weight bar - ...more

How To : Do triceps extension exercises for seniors

Triceps extensions for seniors target the triceps muscles of the upper arm to build muscle mass and tone. Learn how to do triceps extension exercises for seniors in this strength training video. Take action: use sturdy chair, keep back straight and abs tight, use light weight, ...more

How To : Do a fat burning cable workout

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to burn fat with a cable workout. These exercises will require a cable machine. There are four exercises in this workout. These four exercises are: cable wood chop, reverse wood chop, one arm cable row and exercise ball cable crunches. ...more

How To : Do the power snatch exercise with a barbell

Learn how you can do the power snatch using a barbell, regular, split and double with this fitness tutorial. This is a great weightlifting exercise to build muscle in your pecs and shoulders. With this video demonstration you will learn how to do the clean and jerk with a barb ...more

How To : Do the clean and jerk exercise

Learn how you can do the clean and jerk exercise with this video demonstration. The clean and jerk exercise is a great basic weightlifting move. With this how to video you gain build muscle and gain strength with the clean and jerk. Do the clean and jerk exercise. Click throug ...more

How To : Do explosive leg exercises with dynamic isometrics

We usually categorize exercise into two categories: cardio and strength training. You'll hear fitness experts espousing that you have to combine both to effectively burn fat and build muscle. But there are several other abilities you should adapt if you want to be lean all ove ...more

How To : Do Bowflex exercises

The Bowflex is a popular home gym designed to build muscle and strength. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do Bowflex exercises. Do Bowflex exercises - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Do Bowflex exercises - Part 3 of 15. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Get ripped fast with this 15 minute workout

Maintaining a strong, healthy physique can be time consuming. If you're looking to stay in shape without committing a large chunk of time, this workout might the one for you. It only takes 15 minutes to build strong muscle and stay in shape! Fast 15 Minute Muscle Building Wor ...more

How To : Do deadlifts properly

The deadlift is a great way to build muscles and strength in the lower half of your body. It is one of the oldest known weight lifting excersises and is vastly used around the fitness world. Even though it is pretty popular, some people still do it incorrectly. This video will ...more

How To : Do incline rows for lats

In this video, we learn how to do incline rows for lats. There is no substitute for pull ups if you want wide lats. This exercise is a great addition to add to pull ups to get a great workout and build muscle. To do this exercise, lay on an adjustable bench that is set on an i ...more

How To : Get ripped biceps fast with the 21's workout

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do a 21's workout for biceps. Users will need to use a barbell for this exercise. Users will be doing 21 repetitions of barbell curls. The first 7 reps is just the bottom part of the movement. Then the second 7 reps are the top part ...more

How To : Work your legs with half twist jump squats

Learn how to do half twist jump squats. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life. Benefits Developing your legs isn’t just about building bulk—it’s also about training the propulsive strength you need for sports, power workouts, and just having fun. This exercise buil ...more

How To : Strap your horse

Maylyn McEwan describes how to strap your horse without harming it. She says you should strap the neck, shoulder area, hind quarters, lower hind quarters, and then the other side. Strapping is a traditional but very effective method to promote circulation and to build muscle. ...more

How To : Do a killer upper chest workout

First of all you have to understand that this exercise is very versatile and you can actually target different areas of your chest just by twisting your wrists. First of all lie down on the bench and hold the dumbbells in your hands. You can do this upper chest exercise to bui ...more

How To : Lose two pounds per week

Shed extra weight safely and effectively with these tips. You Will Need * Exercise * Water * A high-fiber, low-calorie diet * Smaller portions * Breakfast WARNING: Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or diet plan. Step 1: Reduce calorie intake Re ...more

How To : Lose the last few pounds with carb cycling

If you've got 20 pounds or more to lose, then this is not the video for you. But if you're on the cusp of reaching your goal weight (so think 2-5 pounds off) but you've hit a plateau and the fat won't slide off no matter what you do, then this video will teach you how to get t ...more

How To : Do 7 killer exercises to get ripped

Getting into killer shape can be a lot harder than it seems. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and knowing the right approach. Trainer Vince Del Monte shows you seven exercises to have a killer workout. Do you want to get ripped and build muscle? Then check out ...more

How To : Do a deadlift with proper form

The deadlift is a great, well-known exercise to build muscle. But only when it is done properly will you get the best results, or the results desired. This video will show you exactly how to do a deadlift with proper form. Here is a deadlift instructional video that I shot wh ...more

How To : Eat healthy pre-workout and post-workout meals

What you eat before and after you work up a sweat is actually just as important as the workout itself. The main thing to keep in mind is that you can't eat so much that you still have a bunch of stuff bumping around in your stomach when you're jumping or running. So what kind ...more

How To : Do chair yoga

Chair yoga exercises are great for building muscles and increasing flexibility. Learn how to do a variety of chair yoga poses and exercises from a professional yoga instructor in this free fitness video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Do chair yoga. Do chair yoga - Part 2 of 16. ...more

How To : Do a combination of squats and push ups

This fitness tutorial teaches you how to do a combination of squats and push ups. This is a very effective workout to tone and build muscle in your legs, arms, butt, and chest. Watch this step by step how to video and you can get in shape with a combination of squats and push ...more

How To : Do an advanced chest workout at home

If you're ready to take your chest to the next level, this video will show you a great set of exercises to continue your muscle growth. Instructor Hans from Scooby's Workshop will show you safe, effective ways to build muscle. Here is an advanced chest workout you can do at h ...more

How To : Do standard push ups

Learn how you can do standard push ups with this fitness tutorial. Push ups are a great exercise that builds muscle in your arms, chest, and back. Watch this how to video and you can get in shape with standard push ups.

How To : Do home strength training exercises

Burn fat and build muscle mass with out going to the gym. Learn how to do strength training exercises at home in this free fitness video series from a certified personal trainer. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do home strength training exercises. Do home strength training exercises - P ...more

How To : Hit golf balls father with physical exercises

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to use physical exercises to help hit golf balls farther. Begin by using a weighted golf club and swing it several times a day. This will help build muscles and golf muscles. It will strengthen the users swing. Swing the weighted golf ...more

How To : Bench press the right way

Proper Bench press Do you need to build muscle fast? Quickmusclebuilding has the best chest workout with bench presses. This video will guide you and teach you the proper methods to achieve the best chest workout you have ever had. You must arch your back ever so slightly to ...more

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