News : Whats Happen if You Mix Red Bull & Milk?

Casein is a protein that is found in milk. Groups of casein normally float around in milk without bonding. These groupings have a negative charge. The acidity of the Red Bull causes the negative charges on the casein groupings to become neutralized. Instead of pushing each oth ...more

How To : Dissect a bull's reproductive organs

During sexual excitement of a bull, the muscle within the pelvic area, called the issues cavernosus muscle, will contract. Interesting, huh? Well, if you're a soon-to-be veterinarian, or just merely curious on the science and anatomy of a bulls reproductive organs, then I gue ...more

How To : Dissect a male bull reproductive tract

Check out these educational videos for veterinarians and curious eyes on the anatomy of the male reproductive tract in the bull. Here you will see, in three parts, the scrotum of the bull, which contains both of the testes. The scrotum is a thinner skin area of the rest of the ...more

How To : Perform an extremely cool trick using Red Bull

In this clip, learn how to perform the "Amazing Red Bull" trick. You will show your audience a full can of Red Bull and pour a bit out to prove it. You will then flip the can completely upside down without ANY liquid spilling out! You can also shoot something like a pencil or ...more

How To : Make a moving paper bull toy with origami

Looking to add specimens to your paper menagerie? Make a bull toy with origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. This free origami video lesson presents complete instructions for making your own bulls from a sheet of folded paper. For more information, and to get ...more

How To : Draw a simple bull (toro)

If you're looking for an easy way to draw a bull, you've hit the bull's-eye in this drawing tutorial. So, if you've been having trouble drawing this mighty land beast, take the bull by the horns and start sketching! See the illustration process, which outlines an easy male cat ...more

How To : Mix a Jager Bomb with Red Bull and Jägermeister

Want to make a Jager Bomb like a champion bartender? This clip will show you how it's done. With the proper technique, mixing the perfect drink can be easy. So easy, in fact, that this free video bartenders' guide can present an overview of the process in about a minute's time ...more

How To : Make Red Bull Jell-O shots

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make Red Bull Jell-O shots. You will need any type of Vodka, watermelon flavored Jell-O, ketchup and mustard containers, a whisk, Red Bull, a sauce pan, several 2 oz plastic containers with lids, cookie sheets, newspapers, a mixing b ...more

How To : Make a bull Mii

Create two variations of a bull Mii for the Nintendo Wii. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a bull Mii. Part 2 of 2 - How to Make a bull Mii.

How To : Call bulls with world champion elk caller

Chad Schearer, world champion elk caller, magazine editor, television host, and outfitter and guide offers tips at the Internaitonal Sportsmen's Exposition (ISE) sports shows on how to put together bull and elk calls that'll work!

How To : Paint cows and bulls in sumi-e ink

This video painting tutorial shows how to paint cows and bulls in Sumi-e ink. The Sumi-e ink painting process is a traditional Japanese painting technique from the Niigata prefecture, demonstrated here with a stone ink well. Learn how to paint cows and bulls by watching this i ...more

How To : Mix a Red Bull and vodka cocktail like a bartender

Want to make a Red Bull and vodka cocktail like a champion bartender? This clip will show you how it's done. With the proper technique, mixing the perfect drink can be easy. So easy, in fact, that this free video bartenders' guide can present an overview of the process in abou ...more

How To : Mix a white bull tequila and Kahlua cocktail

Tequila, half and half cream, Kahlua make up the white bull cocktail. Follow along with bartender Lien as she gives step by step directions for how to mix up this specialty drink. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix the white bull cocktail.

News : Red Bull Face-Off

The prank starts out with Bam, Knoxville, and Dun in a Bull pin with 3 bulls. Each guy is covered in red paint from head to toe, and bull pheromone's. It is a contest, whoever gets horned first has to sit naked on a bee's nest, while the other crew shoots paintballs at the n ...more

How To : Make red bull jelly pie

How to make a snack that gives you wings. This recipe makes 2 portions. Watch this video to learn how to make red bull jelly pie...in this case peaches but you can use any canned fruit.

How To : Not look slutty while riding a mechanical bull

Ladies, riding a mechanical bull can be lots of fun, but there's no reason to lose your dignity over it. Learn how to keep your shirt on while you tame the mechanical bull. Not look slutty while riding a mechanical bull. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

News : Bull in a China shop...

Hey guys, I know you guys like to incorporate bulls into some of your movies and shows. I was thinking you guys should act out the old phrase, "like a bull in a china shop". Rent out an old store, fill it with breakable china plates, vases, and maybe all kinds of breakable stu ...more

How To : Train a Pit Bull terrier

This video explains how to train a Pit Bull terrier. Begin training at seven weeks, but formal obedience training should begin at 4 - 6 months. Be sure to use positive training methods that rely on praise and treats as motivators, rather than pain. Use proper technique when t ...more

How To : Run with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain

This is the ultimate guide to running with the bulls in Pamplona. The Pamplona Posse who has been running with the bulls for over 30 years, give expert advice about how to run with the bulls with Musis by Fast reaction Part 1 of 4 - How to Run with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain. ...more

News : Ride a bull like a real cowboy

Eight seconds can seem like an eternity when you're hanging onto 2,000lbs of fury. No amount of drunken mechanical bull riding can prepare you for the massive energy of the real thing. To be a great bull rider, you must embrace the wild ride. It's the key to success. If you m ...more

News : Steel Cage Bull-only match

The Jackass boys are put in large steel cage 15 to 20 feet high; wrestling ring optional. They are soon joined by a mean young bull weighing in the 500-750 pounds. (We don't want too large 2000 lb of a bull that does not have much room too maneuver & we dont want to make thank ...more

News : How to Find Inspiration in the World of Red Bull

Red Bull has a rich history of supporting athletes and artists achieve their goals, whether that's breaking a rebound record or getting back into painting. Ever wonder how to capture the inspiration that these star athletes and artists have? Video: . Watch this video to be ins ...more


its a contest btween the crew members. whoever rides the bull the longest wins. the catch is the ground is covered in bull poop and crew members will be tazed while riding the bull.

News : Golf Cart Bullfight

This will take place in a Bullpen. Two people get in one golf cart (teams). They all start driving around, then they release the bull. Which ever team is the last driving around is the winner. I understand this is more of a stunt than a prank but i think this is an amazing stu ...more

How To : Prepare bull fillet and farmhouse rice

Chef Barriere Deauville prepares bull fillet and farmhouse rice. This recipe takes 30 minutes to cook and prepare. The ingredients you will need are bull fillet, rice, shallots, onion, Provence herbs, laurel, chicken trussing, salt, pepper, olive oil and butter. Prepare bull f ...more

News : Bull in a China Shop

So we have all heard the expression like a bull in a china shop. Well after seeing Knoxville's infatuation wth bulls in Jackass 2 I thought hey, why not put a real bull in china shop.I see Knoxville running down a street screaming, wearing a red matador outfit, into a china sh ...more

News : The Bull from Hell across the corner....

Hey wuz up jackass. ok my idea is to be outin the desert while wearing a short dress. then have shopping carts. BE IN CORAL. then pair up wth smebody else. one of u gets in the cart and one of u has to pull te other one. heres the tricky part. then...... REALESE THE BULL!!!!!! ...more

News : Bull No Like Red

First of all find or borrow a bull. Then get a big red sheet/cloth and tie it to something. Then use something to get it shaking(like a giant blow dryer). Get 5-7 crew members behind the sheet/cloth. Unleash the bull and let it run through the sheet with the crew behind it. ...more

News : Bull-ies

Have a rodeo arena to perform this stunt. Have all but one Jackass crew members dressed in prison attire. Have the one crew member dressed as a woman. Act out a skit where the robbers steal the woman's purse. Have the crew member dressed as the woman release a bull. Have the b ...more

News : SCORE With Tron-a-Sutra (NSFW)

Whoa. Look what we found in the mainframe. Let's say you're a 15-year-old boy nerd looking to SCORE. Real life experience has been... limited. (Ok, you're a virgin.) Lara Croft was inspired (nine years ago when you were six-years-old!). So, where are the sex-ed tutorials that ...more

How To : Palpate a bovine to check for pregnancy

Suspect that your bovine (bull, cow) is pregnant. Well, there's only one way to be sure. Put on a plastic glove and insert your hand into the rectum, with your fingers together. See how to find out if your cattle is pregnant with help of this video tutorial. Press down on the ...more

How To : Clone Starbucks' Secret Dirty Chai Latte

Starbucks is famous for a whole slew of fancy drinks, from white chocolate mochas and caramel Frappuccinos to hazelnut macchiatos. But some of their best drinks come from the secret menu, such as the highly adored dirty chai latte, a variation on their regular chai latte. The ...more

How To : FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Stuffing is a time and click intensive chore which, when done correctly, can bring you AND your neighbors great rewards! Update! As of November, FarmVille Breeding has changed! There is now much less clicking to do! 1. have a Full building 2. remove 1 animal 3. put in 1 r ...more

News : 10 of the Finest Cell Phone Mods

Oh, LifeHacker, we love you. You've brought us so many handy HowTo's: Hack Wireless Internet, Bypass Blocked Websites, Convert a Laptop Into a Projector, Watch TV & Movies on the Web For Free, 10 Must-Know Google Privacy Settings, and more. And now, another great one: LifeHac ...more

News : 10 Unconventional Hangover Cures

For most Americans, the bane of the hangover is typically remedied by lots of water, painkillers, greasy food, and a day wasted on the couch. But if you're tired of potato chips and fried eggs, perhaps it's time you enter unfamiliar territory. Below, a combination of unorthodo ...more

News : Happy Whore-o-ween! Girls Just Wanna Play Floozy

Happy Whore-o-ween! It's that time of year again for ladies to shed their inhibitions, show off the booty, and debase themselves. It's no great surprise that Jersey Shore is 2010's most popular costume choice. (Offended? Check out Take Back Halloween, a project that promotes ...more

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