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How To : Grip correctly in golf

Your grip is a big part of your golf swing, and there are many grips you might not know. Try all the free golf tips for your grip and swing in this video golf lesson series. Part 1 of 26 - How to Grip correctly in golf. Grip correctly in golf - Part 2 of 26. Click through to w ...more

How To : Practice good golf club grip

The way you place your hands on the golf club will have a direct relationship to the flight of your ball, as demonstrated in this how-to video. If your grip is too weak, the clubface angle at impact will be off line, which will cause the ball to curve. The bottom edge of the c ...more

How To : Grip a racquet properly for playing squash

Don't let your teammate suck the fun out playing squash. Watch this how to video tutorial and learn how to grip your racquet properly. These racquet gripping tips are sure to score you some points. Watch and learn how use the backhand and sword fighting grip. Don't' forget tha ...more

How To : Grip your golf club

In this video, Mick Backer from Bogies To Birdies will teach you the basics of golf and he will also teach you how to grip your golf club. In order to do that just follow these easy and quick steps and instructions: The first thing that you need to do is to buy a golf club tha ...more

How To : Fix your golf grip to cure a hook shot

Golf Link demonstrates how to fix your golf grip to cure a hook shot. A hook shot often occurs because a player has a grip which promotes the hook. In a hook-promoting grip, the player has his hands too far to the right of the club. When carrying through with their swing, the ...more

How To : Have proper rowing grip technique

Check out this instructional rowing video that demonstrates how to have proper rowing grip technique. The proper grip in rowing is essential for speed and endurance. Learn facts and skills for competitive rowing in this rowing video. Take action and remember these tips: Use a ...more

How To : Execute a two handed grip shoulder throw

In this sports video tutorial you will learn how to execute a two handed grip shoulder throw. Sensei Angel Perez from Champion Martial Arts demonstrates this. Grip the opponent's right lapel with your right hand and with your left hand grip the opponent's right sleeve under th ...more

How To : Chip with the grip

Rickard Strongert explains that to chip with the grip, you must first have a wide set-up and low down grip. You also need to keep your wrists back and bent. You should bend your legs as much as you can and practice. While this shot may not be legal, it still looks cool. Chip w ...more

How To : Exercise with the barbell row with underhand grip

Learn how to exercise by doing the barbell row with underhand grip. EXERCISE DETAILS: Primary Muscle Group: lats Secondary Muscle Group: biceps, lower back, rhomboids, traps - mid, triceps Base Movement: row Equipment: barbell Training Type: weight training Level of Difficulty ...more

How To : Obtain a neutral grip on your golf club

BPS golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses how to put your hands on the club properly to form a neutral golf grip. This grip video is different from his first. He goes into more detail about the function of the grip and some finer points not usually discussed.

How To : Find the continental grip in tennis for volleys

This video presents a lesson on finding the continental grip. Everyone suggests we use this grip for volleys because there is no change needed between the forehand and backhand volley. However, on the serve, I reserve it for my more advanced players as the grip requires you to ...more

How To : Grip-tape your casterboard deck

Grip-taping your casterboard is very important for traction, and if you don't know how, this video will help you, with three different methods of putting grip tape on the deck of your casterboard. Ryan Wilson and Axis shows you the tricks to gripping your board. Be careful wi ...more

How to Flair bartend : vertical toss grab reverse grip

In this video you will learn how to do a Flair bartend: vertical toss grab reverse grip. Start this trick with an over hand grip, then reverse grip right hand. Reverse grip and pour. Make sure you are holding your bottle security. Your holding the bottle and spinning with the ...more

How To : Grip a golf club

In this video, learn how to grip a golf club the right way. First off, lay the club across your left hand, then you close your left hand, gripping the club. Next, take your right hand, place it underneath your left hand and wrap it around so your left hand's thumb fits into th ...more

How To : Grip a golf club left-handed

Novice golf players, come hither! In this video presented by expert golf site, Golf Link, learn how to grip a golf club left-handed. This task can be tricky being that one is required to learn things backwards. Get your left-handed golf club grip down perfect with the tips & t ...more

How To : Execute wide grip decline bench presses

Wide grip decline bench press are an essential part of lifting weights and strength training. This fitness how-to video tutorial demonstrates how to use a wide grip to do bench presses on a decline bench. Learn tips and techniques for working out the chest, back, shoulders, an ...more

How To : Use an American grip on the drums

Dom Famularo's infectious smile and drumming talents make him one of the most sought-after drummers and clincians in the world. In this installment from his video series dedicated to a wide variety of topics–from drum strokes to styles–, Dom demonstrates the American grip, a h ...more

How To : Do the bent over reverse grip barbell rows exercise

Bent over reverse grip barbell rows are the king of all back exercises. The bent over reverse grip barbell row exercise is perfect for building overall thickness and width in your back. With this how to video you can add this exercise to your workout and watch your back grow.

How To : Workout your back with hammer grip pull ups

Hammer grip pull ups are amazing for building overall thickness and width in your back. Add hammer grip pull ups to your back workout and include bent over barbell rows and seated cable rows for a solid mass building back routine!

How To : Put on a tennis racket grip

Check out this tutorial and learn how to replace your tennis racket grip with a new one. This instructional video shows you how to do this with an overgrip, but also explains how to go about it with a replacement grip.

How To : Use proper pool cue stick grip, stance and stroke

Here is a basic technique in pool cue stick grip, stance and stroke. Reinforceable basics for beginners and advanced players. These are great tips to use before you walk into the billiard room. So, watch this video tutorial to see how to use proper pool cue stick grip, stance ...more

How To : Grip a golf club properly

The grip is one of the most overlooked fundamentals in golf, but gripping your club correctly has significant advantages. See how to improve your grip to improve your golf game.

How To : Clean a golf club grip

Kevin Battersby of Battersbygold explains the proper way of cleaning rubber or leather golf club grip, important for having a having more control of the club. He starts with a rubber handle club he cleans on the spot. All that is needed is a towel. You must either dip the rubb ...more

How To : Do close-grip pull-ups

This video demonstraates how to do a close-grip pull-up. This exercise primarily works the latisimus dorsi and the middle back and secondary the biceps. You use a v-bar attachment on the pull-up bar and hold handles with both hands. Do close-grip pull-ups. Click through to wat ...more

How To : Grip your golf club the right way

One of the key fundamentals to playing a successful game of golf is to master your grip on the club. Stand in front of the club with your hands relaxed at your sides and let the club fall into your hands. Next, bring the club around front and set it down. When you position the ...more

How To : Do a close grip pushup arm exercise

The push-up is one of the most recognizable upper body exercises. Push-ups are generally done to work the chest muscles. However, close grip push-ups primarily work the triceps. The following are instructions for performing the close grip push-up: First, kneel down on the gro ...more

How To : Practice fast Gravitron wide grip pull ups

Learn how to do Gravitron speed wide grip pull ups. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life. Benefits The Gravitron machine is excellent for pull-ups because it provides you with the support to do pull-ups while maintaining proper form, allowing you to max out your m ...more

How To : Use grip savers for rock climbing

Grip savers, or finger-strengthening devices, help prepare a climber for the strength and endurance challenges of climbing. There are a variety of devices and exercises that can strengthen a climbers hands. Learn how to use grip savers in this climbing video tutorial. Take act ...more

How To : Do close-grip lat. pull-down

This video demonstrates how to do a close-grip lat. pull-down. This primarily works the upper back and upper latisimus dorsi and secondarily works the biceps. Don't jerk the bar down using momentum in an attempt to complete the repetition, control the weight at all times. Do c ...more

How To : Create a grip with paracord

When is a knot not a knot? When it's a grip. The knot outlined in this video isn't a knot per se but a way to wrap objects to increase their grip and also to store extra paracord. Specifically, this video demonstrates how to County Comm Micro Widgy Bar, which is a miniature p ...more

How To : Wax a surfboard and get the perfect grip

Whether you've just bought a brand new shiny surfboard, or your current wax job is a grimy, slick mess, here's how to get that perfect grip so you don't slip off. You Will Need * A surfboard * A wax scraper * A wax comb * One bar of base coat wax * One bar of top coat wax * A ...more

How To : Grip a drumstick properly

Whether you're a first day beginner or have been playing the drums for several years, learning the fundamentals of technique, rudiments and music reading is very important. In this installment from his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of snare drumming, Mark Wessels d ...more

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