C++ Application

How To : Design a Mobile Application

The use of smart phones is not limited only as a mode of communication now-a-days. There are many things that can be done with the help of a smart phone. Developing various useful applications and games is the buzz these days. Let's just checkout steps that are to be followed ...more

How To : Convert WordPress into an Adobe Flex 3 application

In this tutorial series Mike Lively shows how to convert Wordpress into the Adobe Flex 3 application Flexpress. You should watch the following videos as a precursor to the series: Installing WAMP and Creating a MySQL Database In addition, a Google Code site is up for distrib ...more

How To : Create and use application level events in ASP.Net

In this video tutorial, Chris Pels will show how to create an Application Class File (Global.asax) that contains application level event handlers such as Application_Start and Application_BeginRequest. Then the sequence of application level events in the application lifecycle ...more

How To : Affix a photo to a passport application

Summer is almost here and you’re looking forward to that exotic vacation but you are going to need a passport and photos to go in it. There are a few simple ways to get a photo for your application. Find the method that is best for you and get traveling. Whether you are apply ...more

How To : Fill out a Canadian Permanent Resident application

In this tutorial, we learn how to fill out a Canadian permanent resident application. Before you start, make sure you have all your personal information with you. After this, begin the application by filling out all the different sections. You must answer every question on thi ...more

How To : Use the Remote Desktop application in Windows XP

Have you ever wanted to work on your home PC from your laptop, or vice-versa? The Remote Desktop in Windows XP allows you to vicariously use your PC from another PC. These videos will show you exactly how to set up and use the Remote Desktop in Windows XP. Many of my friends ...more

How To : Deploy a Flex 3 application to the web

This web application tutorial teaches how to deploy a Flex 3 application on to a webserver for Internet use. Learn how to figure out what files you made in Flex Builder 3 need to be uploaded to the web to make your application run. It was created by Mike Lively of NKU.

How To : Add an application launcher in Ubuntu Linux

This über-brief video clip will show you how to add shortcuts to the Ubuntu Linux desktop for your favorite applications and programs. You can right-click on any panel to add an application launcher and right-click on an application launcher to move it on the panel or to lock ...more

How To : Remove The Farmville Application On Facebook

Help your non-active friends remove the FarmVille application. We all have friends who have installed Farmville at one time or another and then end up quitting the game. But since they might be real life friends, we do not want to delete them from our friend list. Here are so ...more

How To : Code a popover in your iPad Xcode application

The popover is a useful bit of interactivity you can add to your iPad applications. This tutorial shows you how to go into Xcode and use a few other application development tools to code a popover or view controller into your iPad application.

How To : Design an application for a Windows Mobile device

In this free video lesson from Microsoft, you'll learn how to approach designing an application for a Windows Mobile device. For more information, including a detailed overview, and to get started designing and creating your own custom Windows Mobile apps, watch this video gui ...more

How To : Use the application center on a Blackberry Storm 2

Wayne with Vodafone Help Centre demonstrates how to use the application center on a Blackberry Storm 2 phone. First tap on the Blackberry key to bring up the main menu. Then choose the application center option. Click yes to update the application list. Choose app world and in ...more

How To : Build an Android application for mobile devices

This video tutorial is about Android, and no it's not a robotic creature, it's a software platform and operating system form mobile phones and PDAs. The Android system is based on Linux and was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Code is managed in the Java lang ...more

How To : Write your first C# application in Visual C#

Wonderhing how to get started writing C# applications? This video offers a tour of the various features in Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, and will help you become familiar with the tool, and get started writing -- and understanding -- your first application. To get ...more

How To : Build a simple Core Data application in Mac OS X

Core Data is a powerful data-management framework introduced with Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. When you take advantage of Core Data, it slashes the amount of custom code you need to write in order to manage application data. Opening, saving and undo management can all be handled by C ...more

How To : Create an application, or app, bundle on Mac OS X

Wondering how to create an app bundle in Mac OS X? In this two-part video tutorial series, you'll learn how to create an application that is completely self-contained and is drag-and-droppable/relocatable. Frameworks, PlugIns, and Resources are embedded in the .app bundle, thu ...more

How To : Use web application Sumo Paint

In this video, we learn how to use the web application, Sumo Paint. First, go to the website Sumo Paint and the website will start to load in a new window a Flash application. Once it's fully loaded, you will be able to add an image and then start to edit it. There are several ...more

How To : Unhide Mafia Wars (or any application) on Facebook

After the changes made to Facebook, some users are having a hard time trying to configure their options to their liking. If you’re a fan of Mafia Wars and want your updates to be posted on your News Feed, this video will teach you how to unhide this game or any other applica ...more

How To : Delete a Facebook application

In this instructional video on how to use Facebook, you will learn how to remove or delete applications from your Facebook profile. The author guides you through the process, step by step, on how to navigate to and find the page containing all the applications associated with ...more

How To : Create a multi-threaded application in Visual C#

Interested in creating your own dynamic, web-based applications using Visual C#? In this installment from the Absolute Beginner's Series of Visual C#/ASP.NET video tutorials, you will learn how to use the Background Worker control to create a multi-threaded application. For mo ...more

How To : Map out your face for easy makeup application

Makeup application instructions can be hard to follow, if you can't tell your underbrow from your lower lid. This video maps out all the contours and planes of the face, from the browbone to the cheekbone to the jawline. Watch this video beauty tutorial and learn the proper te ...more

How To : Build an application on Android for mobile devices

This video tutorial is about Android, and no it's not a robotic creature, it's a software platform and operating system form mobile phones and PDAs. The Android system is based on Linux and was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Code is managed in the Java lang ...more

How To : Create an AIR application using Flash CS4

Adobe apparently did not plan for it's AIR protocol to lead to people turning their websites into programs, but it turns out that it is fairly easy to do. This video tutorial explains in great detail how to create an AIR application using Flash CS4. Topics include how to creat ...more

How To : Develop a split view application for the iPad

The split view display is a useful function of an iPad application, which, by virtue of a larger screen, was not available to iPhone developers. This tutorial shows you how to work with a split view app, especially when changing your orientation.

How To : Run an application as another user in MS Windows 7

Need to know how to run an application as another user? This Windows 7 tutorial will show you how it's done! It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this home-computing how-to can present a complete overview of the process in just under a minute's time. For more information, includi ...more

How To : Use the application window in Adobe InDesign CS5

In this clip, you'll learn how to work with the application window within Adobe InDesign CS5. Whether you're new to Adobe InDesign or a seasoned graphic arts professional after a general overview of CS5's most vital new features, you're sure to be well served by free video sof ...more

How To : Use the voice activated Blackberry application

Mark from Minneapolis Best Buy Mobile Team walks you through the excellent Vlingo BlackBerry application, which allows you to better manage your favorite searching and networking sites from your mobile phone. Mark explains how Vlingo will get you navigating Twitter, Google, Ya ...more

How To : Remove an application from Facebook

Have you been using Facebook for a very long time, and feel it's time to do some Spring cleaning? Tired of webgames you added, such as FarmVille or Restaurant City? Watch this quick tutorial on how to remove any facebook application.

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