How To : Eat & extract water from a cactus

John Campbell demonstrates how to eat and extract water from a cactus. You can eat a cactus from the hedgehog plant family. First, cut off the top of the cactus and skin down the sides, cutting off the cactus spines. Cutting the cactus will not hurt it because it can heal itse ...more

How To : Mix an Irish Cactus tequila and Bailey's cocktail

Tequila and Bailey's make up the Irish Cactus cocktail. Follow along with bartender Kevin as he gives step by step directions for how to mix up this specialty drink. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix the Irish Cactus cocktail.

How To : Fold a mini cute origami cactus

We know it's not quite summer yet (in fact, we've got a LONG ways to go until sunny skies and beachcombing become facts of life). However, you can still look forward to popsicle licking and tanning in the summer heat by creating this origami cactus.

How To : Make cactus and cowboy cutouts

Actor-comedian Mario Cantone and Martha Stewart create a life-sized cowboy and cactus paper cutout. Make cactus and cowboy cutouts. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Care for a Lophophora Williamsii peyote cactus

Right now the cultivation of Lophophora is not scheduled as controlled in majority of countries and is just as any other ornamental plant. Peyote thrives in warm, sunny places, and aren't any more difficult to care for then any other cactus. Watch this video tutorial and learn ...more

How To : Plant cactus in containers

Cactus can do very well in containers if attention is paid to several things. One, use terracotta, it breathes well. Also, make sure there is a hole in the bottom because the soil shouldn't be sitting in water. And importantly use a Cactus soil mix, a mix that has a lot of san ...more

News : Playing the Boogie Woogie With a Cactus

And I bet you thought a cactus was only good for stinging. Presenting the dueling musical cacti, the Sting Boogie: AND... the Cactus Crackling Klangspiel: Ouch. Previously, I WonderHowTo Get These Excruciatingly Painful Cactus Needles Off of Me.

How To : Make a Christmas Cactus bloom with darkness

Christmas Cactus are pretty plants, but getting them to produce their amazing flowers consistently can be a pain. Watch this video to learn how a little darkness and plant food will have you beauty flowering in no time. Well, some time, be patient.

How To : Peel and eat a cactus pear

The cactus pear, or better in known in some grocery stores as the prickly pear, is an underrated fruit, mostly because of the spines that you have to deal with. In this video you will learn about the different types of prickly pears, and the best method to peeling and consumin ...more

How To : Make a cactus farm in Minecraft beta

Wondering how to farm cactus in Minecraft? This video provides a comprehensive explanation of the techniques and practices used when building a Minecraft cactus farm. You'll have a never ending supply of cactus after you create this farm in your Minecraft world.

How To : Fold a festive origami Christmas cactus

You ready for some florigami action? Florigami, as its name implies, is the folding of paper to resemble plants and flowers. In the case of this video, you'll be learning how to assemble an exotically beautiful Christmas cactus. Flowering cactii, unlike traditional flowers, b ...more

How To : Grow cactus succulents

How to grow your own cactus succulents; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 3 - How to Grow cactus succulents. Grow cactus succulents - Part 2 of 3. Click through to watch this vide ...more

How To : Transplant a cactus

The narrator introduces Patrick Quirk as the horticultural expert to whom is going to demonstrate how to safety transplant a cactus. Patrick highlights the ease of doing this if we use the right tools. Patrick recommends using an old garden hose and 2 types of tongs as part of ...more

How To : Build your own cactus farm in Minecraft

Do a little landscaping work in Minecraft. Here's a video that will show you how to build a cactus farm. Learn the best design and techniques for farming cactus. Watch this video to see what a cactus farm irrigation system looks like in Minecraft.

How To : Grow a cactus and succulent plants

In this video series Nicole Pantaleon, an expert in plant and soil science, will demonstrate how to grow and propagate cactus and succulent plants. She will instruct on the proper way to cut and pot cactus or any other succulent plant. Part 1 of 15 - How to Grow a cactus and s ...more

How To : Practice the cactus to upward facing bow yoga pose

Learn arm awareness in yoga without being in compromising and difficult poses. In this yoga how-to video Kira Ryder plays with using the cactus arm action to assist in creating the shoulder blade support in urdhva dhanurasana, upward facing bow pose, sometimes called wheel. Wa ...more

How To : Handle spiny cactus

Cacti have spines that prick the handler's skin. So how do people in the cactus business handle spiny cactus all day long? They use nitro gloves! Watch this instructional video for a demonstration on how these special gloves prevent gardeners and cactus growers from getting pr ...more

How To : Mix a cactus martini tequila cocktail

Tequila, Cointreau, and lime make up the Cactus martini cocktail. Follow along with bartender Lisa as she gives step by step directions for how to mix up this drink. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix the cactus martini cocktail.

How To : Make paint from cactus juice and lime

Check out this explanation of a paint making process using prickly pear cactus juice and type-s lime. Umber oxide is hydrated and added for earthen color. Paint is applied to the ferrocement/papercrete battery room dome.

How To : Use cactus arm yoga movement for forearm balance

In this yoga How-to video Kira Ryder looks at how cactus arms can help create the support necessary for forearm balance, or tail of a peacock feather. Watch and learn how the cactus arm movement can help you not only in doing the tail of a peacock pose but also in other yoga p ...more

How To : Practice a cactus arm headstand prep for yoga

Get a few yoga tips from a professional. In this yoga how-to video Kira Ryder use the cactus arm action to explore the alignment of headstand upright. Prepare your arms and your body for a yoga headstand by practicing the cactus arm movement.

How To : Make a Cactus Bite cocktail

Laura Caddoo and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a cactus bite cocktail -- a tangy cocktail made with tequila, lemon juice, orange liqueur and whiskey. Perfect for a summers evening. First, make then lemon juice and add tequila. Then add Cointreau, Drambuie scotch whiskey, su ...more

News : Cactus Dodgeball

Well, the prank is pretty simple. Two teams of however many players you want, wearing a short sleeved shirts and shorts, (so you can get hit in more places..)Then well, you just throw a whole bunch of cactus at each other. And just like a regular dodgeball game, if you get hit ...more

News : 10 Unconventional Hangover Cures

For most Americans, the bane of the hangover is typically remedied by lots of water, painkillers, greasy food, and a day wasted on the couch. But if you're tired of potato chips and fried eggs, perhaps it's time you enter unfamiliar territory. Below, a combination of unorthodo ...more

Minecraft : Much to Do About Gardens

The order was given months ago: Build me a royal garden. and less poetically expanded, I dunno, with crops n stuff. Those were the words of my (formerly serial killer) uncle, whose castle sits in the middle of everything, requiring a garden fit for a king. The yard behind ...more

How To : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (03/21 - 03/27)

WonderHowTo is made up of niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one (or create your own), get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects. Thanks to all of our active moderators and ...more

How To : Reroot Blythe Doll hair

This is a tutorial on Rerooting Blythe Doll Hair from the CRAFT Video Podcast. Blythe dolls are great for making three-dimensional self portraits. There is an enormous community of customizers working with the Blythe Doll. One of the main online sources for customization is Pu ...more

News : Birds as the Ultimate DIY Architects

The widely used expression "free as a bird" intimates an enviable existence: delicate, yet mighty wings transporting to destinations no human could so breezily venture. But despite their fanciful, superhero ability, in truth, the avian race leads one of the most difficult exis ...more

News : Wild West Theme

Update 9-9 1 day free gift: Farmhands! You can now find slop while visiting your neighbors farms and post it on their wall. New mini horse, new crop, and a train set! Crop Animals Buildings Train Station - its smaller than the train! Wild West Ranch Tipi Decorations ...more

News : Update 6/17

Happy Birthday FarmVille!!!!! Adoptable Party Duck Not sure if it's a boy or girl, as it says 'he' on the feed and 'give her a home' on the farm? Cupcake Crop!! ADORABLE New Cupcake crop is now available for a limited time to celebrate FarmVille’s 1st Anniversary! Level: ...more

Weird Ingredient Wednesday : How to Train Your Dragonfruit

Even the most unadventurous eaters can usually be coaxed to take a bite of an exotic fruit (except, perhaps, the notoriously stinky durian). After all, fruit is sweet, juicy, and filled with natural sugars. Don't Miss: Bite into Black Sapote, the Chocolate Pudding Fruit So d ...more

News : 24 hour flash back items

This week Farmville is revisiting some old themes for 24 hours each. Tuesday 8/17 Tuscan Wedding Items available again. This looks like the same image as yesterday's mystery game but the time limit has been extended. Monday Day 8 8/15 - 8/16 at 9pm PDT Love stuff! Get ...more

How To : Divide and transplant an agave

In this tutorial, Jeff Moore shows us how to divide and transplant an agave. First, lay the pot over and hit the side a couple times. Now, the roots and soil will fall out. Now, break the roots and take the pups (baby plants) up. If you don't remove these, they won't grow into ...more

News : Missions

Need help with a current mission or Planning for the future? Just so you know... You'll need 4 ribbons to get married, so collect those around the time you build your general store. Send a Ribbon After you get married, your husband will need to chop down 3 trees. And later ...more

News : Mystery Game Contents

I will be adding the weekly mystery game/box/chest contents here with the newest on top for quick reference. 10/12 - 10/19 "Best of" Mystery game Mystery game: Swiss Manor, Breton Horse, Bouncy Castle, Ornate Carriage, Gray Fox Kit, Armadillo 9/7-9/14 Wild West themed items ...more

How To : Pre-scoop ice cream

Martha Stewart shares a Good Thing for pre-scooping ice cream, then shows one viewer how to re-pot a cactus. To save a little time at a party, prepare perfect scoops of ice cream for your guests ahead of time. Cover a cookie sheet in plastic wrap for insulation, and then begin ...more

How To : Multiply succulent Kalanchoe cuttings

Succulent Kalanchoe plants are very easy to multiply. The first thing that you need is a healthy mother plant. Take a small leaf section from the base of the plant. Clean the dirt up on the leaf. Set the leaf out to dry in a nice warm area where you don't get direct sunlight b ...more

How To : Play "Gamma Ray" by Beck on guitar

Learn how to play "Gamma Ray" by Beck, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Trying to hold Hold out for now With these ice caps Melting down With the transistor sound And my Chevrolet terraplane Going round, round, round Co ...more

How To : Care for house plants

In this video series, our expert will teach you how to care for house plants. You will learn easy to follow instructions for caring for tropical house plants, cactus and other unusual house plants. Get tips for avoiding common gardening mistakes, using the right soil, and prov ...more

News : Our front yard garden on New Year's Day

These are pictures of our garden, as of New Year's Day. Everything looks different now. The grapevines are coming back, and the oranges have finished their season. Our artichoke, sadly, got trampled and didn't really survive the pollution of the large Station fire. Our baby ar ...more

How To : Create a drought resistant garden

If the thought of drought resistant plants makes you picture only cactus and succulents, think again. There are many other beautiful plants that can help you conserve water. This gardening tutorial teaches you how to create a xeriscape or drought resistant landscape. These pla ...more

How To : Grow cool weather houseplants

Dave and Lee Thomas talk about three houseplants that do well indoors in the cooler weather: christmas cactus, amaryllis, and cyclamen, and how to care for them.

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