Camtasia Screencast

How To : Record screencasts in Camtasia Studio 5

This software tutorial gives you a good overview of how to record screencasts using Camtasia Studio 5. You will learn how to set up your computer for recording, and how to do some post-processing effects and techniques to your screencast in Camtasia Studio 5 after you have fin ...more

How To : Share your Camtasia Studio 5 videos

If you're like most people doing screencasts, you plan to share your videos with others. This tutorial explains how to share Camtasia Studio 5 projects and videos via web, CD, FTP output,, or export as a zip file. Share your Camtasia Studio 5 videos. Click throu ...more

How To : Highlight your mouse pointer in Camtasia 7

If you're into screencasting, then you know all about Camtasia. But there might be a few things you're not well-versed in, like the mouse pointer. That little arrow could be constantly eluding you in Camtasia, but you can fix that! This video will show you how to highlight the ...more

How To : Remove the Camtasia pan and zoom "green square"

Check out this quick tip video from Screencast Profits... see how to remove the Camtasia pan and zoom "green square". That pesky green rectangle will show up when you use the pan and scan option, so be prepared to get rid of it with this Camtasia tutorial.

How To : Get started with Camtasia

This tutorials shows you how to get started with Camtasia. It addresses techsmith online tutorials, audio recording devices, and basic editing (cut and insert). Watch as Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University walks you through setting up Camtasia 5 and prepares you to sta ...more

How To : Annotate with Bamboo in Camtasia

In this tutorial, Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University shows you how to annotate a video using a Bamboo pad and Edit it using Camtasia studio. PART 2: show you how to do basic editing and zooming in Camtasia. PART 3: shows you how to process your Camtasia Video and get ...more

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