How To : Make a chocolate truffle as a chocalatier would

Kerri Newell introduces Chocolatier Paul Young who shows us how to make chocolate truffles. He explains that truffles are filled with ganache and chocolatiers sometimes call truffles ganaches, which is the smooth, creamy filling. These are usually for special occasions. To m ...more

Top 10 : Best Ethical Destinations for 2011

By Ethical Traveler As the world becomes ever more interconnected, being an ethical traveler becomes both easier and more urgent. Travelers today have access to far more information than we did even 10 years ago. We can observe–almost in real time–the impact that smart or sel ...more

How To : Make a Coconut Daiquiri cocktail

Simon Adams and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Coconut Daiquiri cocktail cocktail -- a tropical daiquiri that makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean… even if you're stuck at work! Mix coconut liqueur, light rum, coconut syrup to make this tropical drink. Make a Coconu ...more

News : Richie Hayward Benefit in San Jose, August 13, 2010

DRUM! Magazine — the leading magazine for drummers and percussionists worldwide — has announced the biggest drumming event ever to take place in Northern California. On Friday, August 13, drummers will descend on the San Jose Repertory Theatre in the heart of Silicon Valley to ...more

How To : Make stuffed edam, or stuffed cheese

Chef, Gary Rhodes stuffs a whole edam cheese, making a lasagna-style dish of sorts, with this Dutch-inspired Caribbean recipe. Edam is a Dutch cheese that is traditionally sold as spheres with pale yellow interior and a coat of red paraffin wax. By drilling out the center, it ...more

How To : Make a Paradise Bliss cocktail

A tropical cocktail which once tasted, will transport you to paradise! A real taste of the Caribbean. Make a Paradise Bliss cocktail. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Saute plantains in butter for a sweet side dish

In this clip, Sunny Anderson shows you how to saute plantains into a crispy, naturally sweet side dish like they do in Mexico and the Caribbean. All you need are plantains and butter and a few minutes of time so you'll be ready. Enjoy!

News : Foreign Countries

International Pet Travel: Taking Your Pet Animal to a Foreign Country If you are taking a pet to another country (permanently or for a visit), contact that country's consulate or embassy for information about any requirements that you must meet. A list of consulates can be fo ...more

News : Doctors Are Wrong to Call Zika Mild

Even as health authorities describe the symptoms of Zika infection in the general population as mild, a new surveillance study finds serious side effects are more common, and serious, than previously thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that man ...more

How To : Play the pirate-filled board game Jamaica

Have you ever heard of Jamaica? Of course you have. It's that island right next to Cuba and Haiti. Well, that's not really what I'm talking about though. I'm talking about the board game Jamaica. This video series will show you how to play the board game with a presentation of ...more

How To : Make mousseline de genepi with chocolate fondue

Chef Marc Veyrat prepares mousseline de genepi with chocolate fondue. Preparation and cooking time is 40 minutes. Ingredients needed are water, Caribbean chocolate, cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, powdered sugar and genepi. Make mousseline de genepi with chocolate fo ...more

News : Best surf trip so far

I took my son to Bocas.  Because of the airline schedules we had to stop in Panama City, which is a somewhat sad place.  With casinos and all the attendant vice. But arriving in Bocas was like entering  a different world altogether.  Bright Caribbean pastel colors.  No road s ...more

How To : Make Fried Bake and Saltfish

Bake and Saltfish is a popular breakfast dish in Trinidad and the rest of the West Indies. My stepfather showed me how to make this delicious recipe. I could eat this all day! And believe me when I say it's SALTY. That's why you must boil it at least twice. It's called salt f ...more

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