Carnivorous Plant

How To : Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium

How to Select the Right Type of Terrarium. This outlines where and how the habitat of a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap is designed. Part 1 of 15 - How to Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium. Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium - Part 2 of 15. Click throu ...more

How To : Braid a ficus tree & grow a miniture rose

In this video, a man answer questions sent in by viewers, about various plants. First he covers how to braid a ficus tree trunk. To do that you must grow the trees close together, then trim off the bottom limbs, and braid the trunks. Next he talks about growing miniature roses ...more

How To : Make distilled water at home

This video shows us how to make distilled water for your carnivorous plants, such as a Venus Fly Trap. First, you fill a kettle with water from the tap. Heat on your stove top for a good 8 minutes or until it starts to steam and boil. Take the top off the kettle, but keep it ...more

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