Catalytic Converter

How To : Check a catalytic converter for problems in a car

If you don't mind drilling holes into parts of your own car, read on. In this video TV car talk personality Scotty Kilmer will teach you how you can check a catalytic converter to see if it's clogged using a drill, a pressure gauge, and some small metal plugs.

How To : Winterize your car exhaust & fuel system

This how-to video is about how to winterize your car exhaust and fuel system. The most important thing to consider while winterizing is considering the exhaust system of the car, the exhaust system of the car shown in this video starts below the engine and consists of two cat ...more

How To : Upgrade your truck's exhaust system

Still got stock? Many factory installed exhaust systems not only sound anemic, they actually are because they scrub power. The designers who are given the task of producing these pipes are often handcuffed by several different requirements that add up to one big compromise. Ex ...more

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