Ceiling Texture

How To : Remove popcorn or acoustic texture from a ceiling

Sick of that popcorn ceiling that's been hanging above you sinc e the early 80's? Get rid of it, and do it yourself, DIY-style. In video, grab some tips on how to go about removing popcorn ceiling texture and acoustic texture from your ceilings.

How To : Texture an old ceiling

Watch as home remodeler Kevin Charlton teaches how to texture an old ceiling. Learn the products needed for texturing and prepping a ceiling, how to tape off a room, how to fill inconsistent holes in a ceiling, different texturing techniques, when to use the texture compound, ...more

How To : Remove popcorn and respray knockdown texture

In this Home & Garden video tutorial you will learn how to remove popcorn and re-spray knockdown texture. First of all you will need to cover the floor and any hangings from the ceiling like chandeliers with plastic covering. Then you need to scrape off the areas on the ceilin ...more

How To : Install embossed acoustic ceiling tiles

Create some texture for your ceiling, by installing embossed acoustic ceiling tiles. Learn from DIY home guru how to install embossed acoustic ceiling panels over an existing ceiling using a track and clip system. Ron Hazleton is a DIY home improvement master. Everything from ...more

Minecraft : The Little Things Can Be Amazing, Too

Is that House? Built in Minecraft? Well, time to cross out one more item off my bucket list! As inspiration for this week's Minecraft-themed Tuesday Giveaway (enter here to win an awesome Minecraft Pickaxe!), I present a roundup of amazing things found in Minecraft. The great ...more

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