News : DIY Chalkboard Paint

Check out this cheap recipe for homemade chalkboard paint! It's easy, and convenient. Honeysuckle Pink Chalkboard with Homemade Chalkboard Paint. Total cost for this chalkboard paint project is about $.35. I can handle that.

How To : Make Chalkboard Embossed Celtic Link Card

This card is stunning and has lots of texture and a mix of items to make it unusual but still easy to create. I show you how I have put together the items to create it and the embossing folder used to make the Celtic cut out layer. If you have a cutting machine this could be ...more

How To : Factor & simplify different algebraic expressions

Math Made Easy offers some great SAT Test Prep. It helps you master the factoring and simplification of any kind of algebraic equation or expression. An expert math instructor provides easy to follow real-time chalkboard examples to help you work your way through step-by-step. ...more

How To : Trick Your Brain into Remembering What You Read

If you have a hard time remembering what you've just read on your iPad or Kindle, try changing the font next time. The typeface you use to read books, newspapers, and online articles is either hurting or helping your memory, and you'll be surprised which ones are killing your ...more

How To : Send Text Messages in Class Without Getting Caught

Students have been passing notes in class for decades, so what's the big deal about sending a quick text message? Everybody does it, even your teacher was surely guilty of covertly communicating with his or her peers back when they were in high school. Don't Miss: How to Bypa ...more

How To : Find the area of a trapezoid with a song

This video illustrates a way to remember how to find the area of a trapezoid using a rap song. The step-by-step song is accompanied by a chalkboard rendering of what the song is describing. The equation used is part of geometry and is a good lesson so that you can easily learn ...more

How To : Fold a paper plane in less than 30 seconds

Looking for something to toss at your teacher but don't have much time while her back is turned? No problem! You can assemble this paper airplane in the time it takes for her to write her name on the chalkboard. In 30 seconds or less you will have a totally flyable airplane to ...more

How To : Add two digit numbers

Addition got you down? An expert instructor from Khan Academy walks you through the mysteries of adding two numbers together by breaking it down into easy to understand terms. Fun animated chalkboard examples make it easy for kids and adults alike to learn how to add. Also dem ...more

How To : Tune a guitar by ear

An out-of-tune guitar can grate like nails on a chalkboard or a cat in heat, so know how to keep yours humming. Here we show you how to tune a guitar by ear.

How To : Teach your children to multiply early

The gentleman, acting as the Instructor, starts the session immediately by suggesting that to teach early multiplication all parents should practice a method of "Count-by's" with their children when they are very young using ones to ten, twos to twenty, threes to thirty, fours ...more

How To : Make a Glorious Vintage Daisy Collage Card

This card tutorial is to make a gorgeous daisy collage style card, ideal for any cardmaker with lots of embellishments. I use a wide range of different flowers and include satin ribbon to embellish the card base. This is a easy when you know how card and with stunning finished ...more

How To : Deal with polynomials or "giant fractions"

Do the polynomials, or "giant fractions" in your high school math homework have you puzzled? Let Doug Simms, an expert tutor from free math tutoring, walk you through some easy to follow chalkboard examples. He addresses common snags and challenges in the equation simplificati ...more

How To : Make Madison Mega Mix Special Day Card

In this card tutorial project I create a mega mix of lots of layers and different textures and papers to make a great card. Using mostly the Madison Cardstock kit from Anna Griffin to create lots of interest on this card, it is certainly a talking point, however it would work ...more

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