News : Jango Fett Slave 1 for Weekly Challenge!

Hello! This is the Slave 1 from Star Wars (Jango Fett's ship) for the Space Weekly Challenge! This is a view from the font (hopefully there will be more asteroids)! View from the left. View from the back. View from the right. And a way to get inside! Enjoy! -auggie13

News : Weekly Challenge 4. The Hydra

My build for the forth weekly challenge. I went for a mythical beast. The Hydra. Made from cobblestone, stone, and clay. With vines to give it the appearance of having just awoken from its rest at the bottom of the sea.

News : Ex-Lax Challenge

To start off with, you need to have an activity to do while the challenge happens (poker, running, something....I prefer a poker game because it forces everyone to be near each other and bathrooms nearby) Everyone takes a laxative, wears an adult diaper and eats taco bell, and ...more

How To : Challenge a Friend to a Bent Cigarette Challenge

If you are looking for a bet that you are sure to win, check out this clip. In it, you will learn exactly how to bend a cigarette in half without breaking it! No one will believe you when you say you can crunch a cig so that both ends touch and still have an unbroken smokable ...more

How To : Complete the Hades Kids challenge in God of War 3

God of War 3 is an awesome game with beautiful visuals and great fighting moves. No wonder it's one of the greatest games ever on the PS3. But despite story mode, there are also challenges that need to be completed. These will pit you against a timer and require all your fight ...more

How To : Hack Click Challenge! v3.0 for 10,000+ (11/14/09)

How to hack Click Challenge! v3. Master your clicking skills. For this clicking flash game, all that you need is your computer mouse and your hand. Just don't overdo it though or you may experience arthritis at an early age! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Clic ...more

News : WTFoto's Hobo Advice Challenge Winners!

Howdy, hobos! Last week's WTFoto challenge meandered on much like its namesake, the vagrant. We had a couple good submissions that warmed my heart with laughter. I thought my examples were pretty on point, but my confidence is pretty low right now because I failed a recent IQ ...more

How To : Answer to Scrabble Challenge #20

It's sad to say, but I will no longer be writing up anymore Scrabble Challenges. Frankly, I just don't have the time to make them now. And though they are incredibly fun and "challenging" to conjure up, I'm not sure that people are finding them as useful as I had hoped. But re ...more

Insect Photography Challenge : Luna Moth

I have a few pictures, but the first is my entry. I thought the sweat fly was pretty cool. I don't understand why they named it such an ugly name for such a beautiful bug (not that the Luna Moth isn't). The pictures are more zoomed out progressively so I can see how close I ca ...more

Funny Face Challenge : (me with SANTA GLASSES)

just experimented to wear those eyeglass which are partially concave and convex no editigns and mixings in this shot with my cookie it so fun that i look like as if iam having a sight defect which i dont have it in real

Pet Portrait Challenge : Love in the Eyes

She's not the dog from Mike & Molly, but she might as well be. This is Daisy, our 14lb mix. She's Shih Tzu, Chihuaha, Terrier, and Chin...or oops. She's what happened when our friends didn't know their dog was still in heat. Now she's our greeter dog in our hair salon.

Instagram/Picplz Challenge : Feeling Blue

Time-out may only be for a few minutes, but to a child it is a cold and desolate wasteland that you are banished to for an eternity. I almost felt bad for taking this picture.

Reflection Challenge : Puddle reflection

This picture was taken and edited with the IPhone . _______ Iphone apps used: Snapseed Pixlr-o-matic Iris Photo Suite FX Photo Studio _______ Follow me: Blogger | Twitter | Facebook

News : HoloLens Challenge #16 Winner Brings the Cowbell

James Ashley, Atlanta-based Microsoft MVP and author of Beginning Kinect Programming with Microsoft Kinect, has been running monthly challenges since around the release of the HoloLens Developers Kits. Each month, those of us who follow what happens in the community can look f ...more

How To : Complete the Knockout Challenge in God of War 3

In this God of War 3 tutorial, discover what it takes to complete the Knockout Challenge. It's easy to complete and requires you to do two things: -Atack Cyclops to get the activation button -And lay waste to all the other creatures that pop up using the light attack It's ea ...more

News : Vibrant Color Photography Challenge: Yellow

Oooh. Since I already eliminated myself, I can just fill up the corkboard. Ok. I really won't do that. But I had to share this one. I think this is my favorite abstract light painting. This was taken in Las Vegas. I think this was using lights from one of the hotels in the Man ...more

Bird's Eye View Challenge : Countryside Ballooning

I can't win the prize (though I wish I could), so I decided to show off more than just one photo from a recent hot air balloon ride I took. If you're going to submit to the contest, make sure to only submit one photo, to make it fair. Browns: Greens: Clean pool vs. dirty pool:

News : Weekly Staff Challenge entry

Submission for weekly staff contest. Full flickr set : location : /sethome mgabrys contemporary treehouse 1, island of trees, ruin garden, and cove (for future ruin project), 2.5 evenings of ...more

Toy Challenge : Lego Dinosaur

Check out iPhone app, LEGO Photo. It converts any photo to look like it's built from Legos. Best of all, it's free. I used a photo of a dinosaur I submitted to a previous challenge in Giveaway Tuesdays. See the original here. Taken at the Dinosaur Wall @ the Museum of Natural ...more

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